Leadership and Development Training Speaker at JV Alert

JV:Alert Philadelphia speaker lineupHi my name is Ruth Anne Wood, host of Live Your Peace interview series and founder of Scripting for Success that offers, profitable writing a book help, public speaking and leadership and development training. When I first became an author I was fed up at how hard it was to sell books and get media attention. Then I discovered how to be of service to the superstars. (They wanted media attention and a venue to tell their story just like me!) Now I love speaking on stage with them including August 2013 at Ken Mc Arthur’s JV Alert Live Philadelphia where I was on the panel and gave a 10 minute TED talk.  Before I had the opportunity to speak on Ken’s stage I had the honor to ask powerful, game changing BIG why questions to some of the most inspiring movers and shaker in the author, coach, leadership trainer arena. Who would you like to recognize or co-author a book or product:

Heart and Soul Cutting Edge Leadership Training with Dov Baron,  Best seller DailyOM Scott Blum, Best Selling Spiritual Author Alan Cohen, Inspiring Entertaining Speaker Patrick Combs, Grammy Award Winning Musician David Darling, Spiritual cinema star Bob Doyle, Renowned Publicity Expert Jill Liblin, Indie Artist and peace advocate Sian Lindemann, best selling playwright and novelist Jonathan Maberry, Coaching Mentor Christian Mickelson, Best Seller Dr. Judith Orloff, $5 million+ The Tapping Solution creator Nicolas Ortner, networking diva Heshie Segal, Millionaire at age 24 Ryan Stewman, “Hip Hop Preacher” Eric D Thomas, Pit bull of Personal Development Larry Winget and 100+ more…

As a writer, coach, speaker you’ve got your work cut out for you to connect with and serve this amazing community. Here’s how you get started… Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy.

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Project Forgive started with a tragedy and two families Shawn Duperon loves

shawne Duperon, Project Forgive 6-Time EMMY® winning Media Coach and “Project Forgive” Founder Shawne Duperon, touched me deeply with her film and training at Unleash Your Hidden Influence: Harness Your Marketing To Catapult Growth. Project Forgive is a powerful inquiry on forgiveness inspired by a family tragedy of drunk driver killing Shawne’s dear friends a husband and wife and their two kids. Soon it was revealed the drunk driver was also one of Shawne’s dear friends.

See the video watched by tens of thousands across the globe

The film will focus on authentic stories that dive into the emotionally mature conversation of forgiveness, to cause a global shift in consciousness. The project is a deep inquiry that question:

  • What does it really mean to forgive?
  • Why can some forgive easily, while others struggle?
  • What happens to us physiologically, spiritually and emotionally when we forgive? What happens when we don’t?
  • How does anger play a role in release in forgiveness?
  • How does forgiveness impact issues we face daily, such as collaboration and acceptance in politics, religion and internal conversations, that cause breakthroughs we haven’t individually or collectively experienced yet?

The request has been made for your videos and messages on forgiveness. The hope is to use them in the film and Project Forgive website and project.



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Heshie Segal Connecting Professionals and Helping Millions

Heshie SegalFor decades, Heshie Segal has devoted time to helping children in the US and around the world.  She has set up programs in schools, donating whatever was needed. Her goal is to raise funds for one million children to receive, clothes, school supplies, clean water, medical needs and generators.

If anyone can achieve this Heshie can with her keen ability to connect  business owners, Network Marketers, schools, hospitals and corporate leaders.

Inspirational work runs in the family with Heshie’s husband Werner Berger who is one of the oldest record holding mountain climbers in the world. Warner’s trip to Tanzanian Safari, and the Mt. Kilimanjaro climb led Heshie to her first group of children to help outside the United States. Continue reading

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Michele Blood transforms lives with light

Michele_BloodMichele Blood is a successful, multi-talented lady with a diverse business arena. In addition to creating Musivation ™ products and seminars worldwide. She has trained major companies worldwide including Nestle, Prudential, Shell Oil, Motorola, LifeForce International. Her public Success Events have been held in over 16 countries. Her largest audience was 50,000 in Kuala Lumpur. She has a new book out that she co authored with Bob Proctor titled “Become A Magnet To Money Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness”. Brian Tracy, world authority on selling, comments, “Michele has put together materials that bring about permanent behavioral change.”  

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Michele Blood 


Special offer for Live Your Peace Audience   www.MyHighVibration.com

www.MysticalSuccessClub.com Transforming lives worldwide plus free videos
www.BecomeAMagnetToMoney.com (Book with Bob Proctor)
www.EMusiVation.com (For all Downloadable products, success music, and more and Turbo Charged Goal Setting Book here for FREE)
www.BeAMagnetToSuccess.com (Powerful Success DVD Home system As seen on TV)
www.MusiVation.com (Michele’s Main web site for real products mailed anywhere in the world)


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Bucks County Housing Group Brings Peace Helping Homelessness

Bucks County Housing GroupOn Live Your Peace Ruth Anne Wood chats with Bucks County Housing Group’s Development officer Melissa Mantz about how helping address homelessness that affects a staggering 1200 families in the Bucks community brings about peace. There are so many sectors affected by homelessness from military vets, foster kids aged out of the system, aging seniors, struggling single parents, mentally ill, sick and poor people passing on the struggle from one generation to the next or young couples unable to afford their first residence. Right in our own community there are many ways to help all year long bchg.org.   Continue reading

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Francesco Da Vinci, a notable photo journalist, film producer and conscientious objector

Francesco Da Vinci is a prominent photo journalist, peace activist and the author and documentary film maker of I REFUSE TO KILL: The War On War. It’s a true ‘60s story about peace activism that stirred the American conscience.  During the conversation Live Your Peace host, Ruth Anne Wood talks with Francesco Da Vinci about his choice to be a conscientious objector and his thoughts about our military serving at home and abroad. How did this man who grew up in a wealthy family end up fighting for his beliefs to not kill in battle with the threat of being locked up in jail for up to five years? The conversation takes a fascinating turn as Frank talks about his photo shoots and documentaries on celebrities, astronauts and other notable people and why he named his now 12 year old son Neil. Francesco brings the peace conversations and the key components of being an engaged, dedicated global citizen in modern times as he gives us powerful wisdom and insights from a man who takes life standing up by helping to provide the best world for himself and others. “I REFUSE TO KILL” features such notables as…

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Francesco Da Vinci

I REFUSE TO KILL: The War On War is a romantic-drama about Frank’s coming of age in the turbulent ‘60s. From a wealthy family, he reluctantly became a prominent activist and faced several years in prison for his anti-war beliefs. Inspired by Gandhi and Dr. King, Frank formed a peace group that became a national movement. In the end, Frank had to choose between giving up his stand as a conscientious objector, or lose the love of his life. Beyond the personal story, the documentary will pay tribute to nonviolent activists around the world. “ Written by a young activist on the front lines of the peace movement, Francesco Da Vinci’s compelling personal story sheds new light on the Sixties.”     -Sen. Eugene McCarthy

Francesco remembers what it was like getting started in Hollywood in the film and journalism business. If you are interested in internship opportunities with Frank and his team in San Diego CA contact francescoproductions1.com

“I Refuse to Kill” features such notables as:

Mayor Bob Filner – San Diego –speaks on the ‘60s civil rights and peace movement


*Academy Award-winner Richard Dreyfuss, tells how he broke the news to his parents that he was going to become a conscientious objector

*Bobby Kennedy –  Bobby climbs up onto the roof of a car and spontaneously addresses the crowd outside the 1964 National Democratic Convention in Atlantic City; filmed by Frank

*Astronaut John Glenn – Interviewed by Frank at the Air & Space Museum (2012)

*Frank at Arlington National Cemetery – Frank relives how he spent his college graduation day in 1968 at Bobby Kennedy’s funeral.

*Sen. Eugene McCarthy – Frank interviews the Senator at McCarthy’s home in Virginia.

*Sen. Eugene McCarthy – Frank introduces the Senator at Borders Bookstore in

New York City.

*Author Joseph Heller (“Catch-22”) – Francesco interviews Heller at his home on Long Island.  Heller talks about being in a peace march with a critic he hated.

*Ray Manzarek (“The Doors”) – Manzarek talks about the meaning of the‘60s with Francesco .

*Pete Seeger – Seeger speaks to Francesco on war, and performs anti-war songs.

*Anita Cole – A military intelligence officer who became a conscientious objector during the Persian Gulf War.  Anita talks about the process of being trained to kill.

*Peter Yarrow (“Peter, Paul & Mary”) – At-home interview. Francesco talks with Peter on conscientious objection.

*Forest Whitaker – Francesco interviews Forest on war, peace, & conscientious objection.

*Ralph Capri – Francesco interviews his brother about the draft and the war.  Ralph

avoided the draft with a fake deferment.

*Charlie Khoury – Francesco’s 9th and final draft attorney 1970-1971.  Frank and Charlie have a 30-year-reunion and reminisce about Frank’s CO case.  Charlie admits that often he wanted to “strangle” Frank for not being more practical.

The Amnesty International President speaks on the international harassment of COs.

*Muhammad Ali, who lost the world heavy-weight boxing title for being a CO.

*Wall Street Occupation – Oct. 8th, 2011.   (NY City)

*Sen. George McGovern – Talks with Francesco about the Vietnam War, and about conscience.

*CBS National News – Coverage of Francesco’s peace group, Nonviolent Action (1971).

*ABC National News – Coverage of Francesco Da Vinci’s peace group, Nonviolent Action (1971).

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar speaks on personal peace and world peace through nonviolence (March, 2013)

*The Dalai Lama. Francesco filmed the Dalai Lamafor two daysat the Peace Summit in New Jersey (May-2011).

Check Out Francesco’s resources at:


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Pre Live Your Peace Summit

affiliate summitShow host and producer Ruth Anne Wood rolls back the curtain to her upcoming launch and invites the best and the brightest to participate. This summit already has over 150+ featured guests to choose from with prerecorded interviews with community leaders, 7-8 figure entrepreneurs, best selling authors and award winning artists. Before we do our official launch YOU have the chance to leave written or video comments of these interviews and position yourself as a thoughtful expert commentator with a link back to your site. PS The best remarks will surely summon an invite to participate on a grander scale or even be a featured guest on Live Your Peace interview series or live events. You are also invited to pitch possible coaching or tools to go with each module and they may be freely used during our summit with full credit back to your site.

LIVE YOUR PEACE PRE-SUMMIT (Post thoughtfully in comment section. Be patient for your comment to be approved.)


Module 1 – Your Foundation & Feeling of Being Grounded

Focus: Survival Issues, Financial Independence, Money, nourishment

Rob Adams loves helping Entrepreneurs

Det Ansinn Makes Service to the Community BrickSimple

Nutritionist and spiritual mentor Susie Beiler

The ABCs of Energy with medical intuitive Martine Bloquiaux

Experience Wealth Beyond Reason with Bob Doyle

Ruth Anne Wood is on Living Smart and Well hosted by Inez Bracy

Recycle Your Income with Denise Chaney

Champion for Woman Entrepreneurs and SLM founder Susan Daywitt

Happiness, Performance, Motivational Speaker Jim Donovan

Business Vision Launcher Karen Graves

Be social be rich with Martha Giffen

Lyn Hicks shares how health ties in with Earth Day

Emotional Freedom Technique Global Summit founder Lori Leyden

Renowned Publicity Expert Jill Liblin

Jessie Marushak introduces a medical health center with caring volunteers and staff

Bernie McDonald‘s Coast to Coast USA Walk

Millionaire Clients for Coaches Christian Mickelson

Live on the Fringes with Melody Rose Parker

Make Your Healing Matter Dawn Richerson

Paris Middle East Conflict Resolution Expert Frank Romano

Inna Segal shares the secret language of our bodies

Millionaire at age 24 Ryan Stewman

Designer, Musician and Humanitarian Eric Venuto

Wally Waldron The Web Guy Helps Create a Stampede of Customers Authentically

Grammy Nominated Spiritual Performer who sold a million recordings David Young


Module 2 – Your Connection & Ability to Accept Others & New Experiences

Focus: Sense of Abundance, Well-Being, Pleasure, Sensuality

Best seller DailyOM Scott Blum

Revive Your Drive with Susan Bratton

EFT specialist Pamela Bruner

Celebrate Your Life with Liz Dawn Donahue

Award Winning Bead Artist Wendy Ellsworth

Twilight Wish Founder Cassy Forkin

Richard Mc Laughlin peace work with kids

Photography and Spiritual practice in India with Catherine Jansen

Extreme Mike faces extreme sport fears despite being paralyzed

Heshie Segal Connects People

World-class figure skater blind since birth Stash Serafin

Peace Center Director Barbara Simmons on Gandhi

UN musical performer Jackie Tice

Bliss Mistress and PR Goddess Rev. Edie Weinstein, Blissfully Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary with Edie Weinstein

Skin sensitive clothes for kids in bamboo by Kate Whorlow


Module 3 – Your Ability to Be Confident & In Control of Your Life

Focus: Your Self-Worth, Self-confidence, Self-Esteem


Shane Belceto Inspires and motivates with social media,

Best Selling Spiritual Author Alan Cohen

Amazing Woman’s Day Marsh Engle

7 Steps of the Soul’s Evolution Barbara K Folts

Melodee Forbes helps fathers understand and love daughters

Nora Gauma is a Model on A Mission

Team of Angels Trisha Gallagher

Greg Hague shares 52 stories on How Fathers Change Lives

be an Awesome Adventure Women with Michelle Halbsgut

Artist Adventurer Nanette Hartwell

Russ Hovendick shares the power of a strong community mission helping veterans transition to civilian life

Jazz and R&B legends raised musician Reverend Dyana Jean

Win the Race of Life at 180 MPH with motorcycle champion Nadine Lajoie

Success Author Carrol McHenry

Self Love through Community, Lady Morgana shares love through sanctuary, yoga and healing community

Intuitive Teacher & Best Seller Dr. Judith Orloff

Possibility Coaches Chris and Jon

Inner Contessa Luisa Rasiej

Anxiety and Depression Relief with Matt Roessler

Independent Wealth Creator and Trainer Jason Myers

From Super Juggler to Truck Accident to Inspirational Speaker Kit Summers

Sunshine Sister Molly Sunshine on self esteem

“Hip Hop Preacher” Eric D Thomas

Christa M. Tinari Empowers youth through Peace Praxis,

Pit bull of Personal Development Larry Winget


Module 4 – Your Ability to Love

Focus: Love, Joy, Inner Peace

Spiritual Inspiration Susan Delorenzo, Romance After 50 author Carol Denker

Awaken the Feminine with Reena Dessai

Teacher in Consciousness Kayla Finlay

The Heart Code author Laura Matson Hahn

Man of Forgiveness Azim Khamisa

Let’s Play Today with Yvonne Kusters

Medical Physicist Dr. Tom Padikal

Inspirational author Jeff Rivera

Clearing Energy with Rev Vincent Salvatore Michael Scioli

‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED’ co-founder Dane Short

Listen to solo percussionist, composer and collaborator Tom Teasley

Inner Peace, Resolution and Transformational author Betsey Otter Thompson

New Path Management Solutions with Steve Turner

You Are What You Love Vaishali

Bobby Jo Valentine gives the secret to musical career success

Reverend Mike Wanner

Truck Driving Mama Annabella Wood


Module 5 – Your Ability to Communicate

Focus: Communication, Self-Expression of Feelings, Truth

International Artist and Healer Ute Arnold

George Bruno Advocates looking sharp and effective communication

Profitable book publishing with Ronda Del Boccio

Inspiring Entertaining Speaker Patrick Combs

Writing Sherpa Melinda Copp

Grammy Award Winning Musician David Darling

PR Goddess and animal avocet Jennifer Geronimo

Southwest Artist Paula Jones

British/ American Bereavement and former WWDB radio host Dr. Rev. Yvonne Kaye

Spiritual Musician Jody Kessler

Don Lafferty B2B Social Media

Akashic Record reader Cherie Lyon

Philly Artist and Scholarship Winning Charter School teacher Bonnie MacAllister

Decoding habits of best sellers Jonathan Maberry

NY Producer Jonathan Pillot

Robert Place history of the Alchemical Tarot

Speak Louder than Words, John Rasiej

Comedian Medium Carole Tollen

Make the Most of Your Media Moment with Janet Vasil


Module 6 – Your Ability to Focus On & See The Big Picture

Focus: Intuition, Imagination, Wisdom, Ability to Think & Create

Heart and Soul Cutting Edge Leadership Training with Dov Baron

Notable photo journalist, film producer and conscientious objector Frank Capri

World-class musician Deb Chamberlin

Hayhouse British Best Seller Jude Currivan

New Thought Artist and Musician Karen Drucker

Svetlana Gradess creates wellness through the transformation of art

Life Coach for Women Paula Gregorowicz

Go on a Creative Shaman Journey with Rebekah Higgins

Creator of All Fall Down comics Casey Jones

Department of Peace Advocate Natalie Joy Kaye

Author and Spouse of Nobel Award winner in Physics Anita Laughlin

Sian Lindemann leads a wave of Indie Artists

One Red Paperclip guy Kyle MacDonald

Genius Squared Eiji Morishita

The Tapping Solution with creator Nicolas Ortner

“Destiny 5″ reality show creator Michael Shoeman

Access the Alchemy Of True Success with Jaden Sterling

Gain the economic benefits of thinking global and acting local with Kimberly Stever

Climb The Ladder of Success In High Heels with Cookie Tuminello

Have a Vision to Marketing with Richard Weiler

Show Host Ruth Anne Wood


Module 7 – Your Ability To Be Fully Connected Spiritually

Focus: Inner & Outer Beauty, Connection To Spirituality, Bliss

Angelika is an Internationally traveling Oneness Blessing Musician

New York author Jessie Barth

Michele Blood uses light to transform

Traveling Shaman Joshua Duncan

Energy Therapy with Diane Eyer PhD

Spiritual and Small Business Consultant Paul Hoyt

Using Past Lives and Numerology with Trish LaSage

Clarity, Wisdom and Harmony with Cheyenne Mease

Treasure Inside Moviemaker Joel Metzger

Live Your Rich Dreams with Tom and Penelope Pauley

Aura Rose expresses healing beauty and life

Spiritual Pilgrim Rochelle Shakti

Spiritual film producer Michael Wiese

Holistic Doctor Mark Wiley

Zen Sessions performs live, and more…



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“What is your best Possibility?” with coaches Chris and Jon

Jon Satin & Chris Pattay, possibilitycoaches.com/Jon Satin MBA and Chris Pattay BBA are  Life & Relationship Coaches, Business Consultants, Emotional Healers, Seminar Facilitators, Published Authors, and Entrepreneurs.  Since founding Possibility Coaches in 2002, they have been actively exploring the human experience and condition, and empowering individuals and business owners worldwide to live a life of meaning, passion and purpose.  Using proven methods during years of training and mentoring, they transformed themselves and they can do the same for you!  Your insurance company may now recognize and reimburse for Life Coaching!
Continue reading

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Twilight Wish founder Cassy Forkin and her spiritual journey

Twilight Wish Foundation founder Cass Forkin at Circle of Miracle

Twilight Wish founder Cassy Forkin and her spiritual journey


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Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon’s New Healing Album At Zero. (Azurite)

Here’s another great meditation piece from Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon. Their work is right inline with Live Your Peace community.

Natural Healing Album

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