Michelle Halbsgut “Are You an Awesome Adventure Women?”

The answer is YES! One excellent examples of the Live Your Peace experience is Awesome Adventure Women. Founded in 2005 by Michelle Halbsgut who at an early age was climbing to high places and boldly exploring tall trees, trails and high rocks with such delight. During a difficult divorce Michelle’s passion for the outdoors and adventure inspired her to form an adventure group for women who want to try new activities, challenge themselves or simply get out and enjoy the outdoors with like-minded women. And yes men you are invited to many but not all of these exhilarating day trips.

Live Your Peace interview
Michelle Halbsgut

Here is just a sampling of the outings to experience with Awesome Adventure Women:

  • Tree climbing
  • Sky Diving
  • Tree Climbing
  • High Course Adventure Challenge and Zip Line
  • Scuba Diving
  • Over Night Adventures
  • Family
  • Just for Women

Perhaps you just need a little word of encouragement to try kayaking or rock climbing. Or maybe your children are growing and becoming more independent, allowing you the freedom to get out and do more for yourself.

Michelle is featured in Run Like A Girl by Mina Samuels. Part locker-room confidential, inspiring manifesto, and personal memoir, the book shows us, through stories of nearly a hundred women, how the confidence women build by participating in sports—whether it’s running or rock climbing, swimming or yoga—can transform our lives in profound ways. Lively, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking, in the candid stories, which fill its pages, these women share how sports helped them overcome life’s obstacles and achieve the happiness and success they’d been running toward.

Whatever the reasons, Awesome Adventure Women would like to welcome you to our group as we begin our adventures. Whether you are a beginner, novice, or expert at your skills, you will experience fun, laughter, and make new friends all at the same time! So if you are between 18 and 118 years of age, please join us!

Visit Michelle’s website at www.aawonline.com

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