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Ruth Anne Wood and her award-winning clients have partnered with:

Co-Author And Live Your Successful Life 

  • Marketing And Sales Leaders
  • Women Caucasus
  • Veterans
  • The United Nations
  • US State Department
  • National Publications And Media
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Community Centers
  • Celebrities
  • Best Selling Authors
  • Award-Winning Artists
  • Film Makers


Simply put, Ruth took the stress out of making decisions, partnering with the right people, creating massive profits and savings quickly gathering the right resources and connections. Ruth has helped clients and thier teams

  • Eliminate annoying obstacles to success by changing your focus on what you really want.

  • Turn stress and complaints into better decisions and communication.

  • Help make profitable decisions with crystal clear confidence, and integrity.

  • Free up time with a powerful team and resource delegation and reorganization.

  • Save on resources by working with the right team, clients, vendors, and partners that align with client’s vision and quickly skip the rest.

  • Supercharged decision-making and communication that generated dream-come-true support and cooperation.

  • Received real-time insight on opportunities and challenges and how to smoothly and profitably navigate.

  • And quickly attracted the required resources and connections.

In the last 20 years, Ruth developed the


Ruth’s 7-step signature system was designed to work with the leader’s own decision-making process. Ruth’s process has helped leaders overcome ‘decision making resistance’ by converting the rockstar clients into even more intuitive, confident, influential decision makers flipping the sales process on one’s self to accelerate mission driven goals, partnerships and profits.

Before selling to others, Ruth and her team helps tweak every marketing message to be 100% agreeable to the client, thus removing her client’s resistance and quickly aligning with profitable business partners, clients, team and vendors quicker and easier.


Ruth only work with Decision Makers, Mission Driven Executives, and Founders with services that provide work to better humanity through effective communication and integrity. Ruth is confident her system can help and will never take you on if its not a good fit. This is what Ruth and her team looks for in a client:

  • You’re ready to take your influence and collaboration to the next level

  • You’re offer and mission is ethical and can produce the results it promises

  • You’re focus, mindset and communication with yourself and others should be optimized to reach your target partnerships  

  • You’re should have the capacity to take on significantly more clients, resources, joint ventures, projects

  • You’re are ready to take your career and organization to the next level of collaboration, innovation, leadership and profitability


Ruth has a 100% track record of helping her paying clients create and make winning decisions that have saved them a boatload of time and energy.

By changing their focus from improving their weakest link to focusing on dream-come-true projects, clients, and business partners Ruth’s clients have quickly found themself talking to the right people seemingly skipping a lot of steps by moving previous setbacks and time wasters. 

As a result, clients have experienced dream-come-true savings and business deals.

Ruth has worked with decision-makers, founders, leaders, mission-driven entrepreneurs, and high-achieving executives and NGOs for two decades.

Ruth has developed a very deep understanding of how the mind of the decision-maker works when it comes to self-sabotage and having everything click into place once the right plan and communication are set into motion. 

Ruth’s top performers have accelerated personal and team results through laser focused decision making and empowering conversations on past, present and future success results and by clearing mental, emotional and physical blocks, (often bypassing many costly roadblocks and years of therapy.)

This insight led Ruth to create her revolutionary CO-CREATE AND LIVE YOUR SUCCESSFUL LIFE System which works by having client/ decision-makers test drive their ideal conversations and end results while removing any resistance to believing, communicating and experiencing that specific measurable preplanned result.

The whole mentoring experience is a positive one, making time pass quickly and conversations, savings, partnerships, ideal projects, and clients show up in quicker, cost effectively, in mega profitable, awe-inspiring, easy ways.

$10+ Million

Savings and Profitable Opportunities Generated By My Clients




  • Strategist And Mentor in the Professional Goal Achievement Arena For Executives, Founders, Professionals And Visionaries

  • Creator of the revolutionary Winning Conversations System

  • Helped Her Clients Make AND Save Over 10 Million Dollars

  • Serves On The Board Of National And International NGO

  • Is A Visionary Who Helps Decision Makers Achieve Groundbreaking Financial And Mission Driven Results

  • Is A Best Selling Author, Exhibited Artist, Movie Producer, Playwright, International Lecturer, Mentor, Strategist

See What People Are Saying

Ready To Take Your Organization And Career To A New Heights?


I help my high achieving, success minded clients optimize performance by reimagining the negative self talk, mistakes, loss, “before story”, deals gone bad and transform that into valuable rocket fuel for accelerated connections, resources, income, and awe inspiring career and philanthropic work.

That’s great. My clients send me their best client, prospect and team and communication and have me supercharge the copy so that it speeds up the response time and communication. My clients feel an amazing energy of flow, peace, connection, removing all resistance in the message.  It works so well that 9/10 after my edits (that I teach my seasoned clients to do) conflicts, buying or partner indecision, legal or financial challenges go away before they even send out the communication!

Here’s just a couple examples in my two decades of experience:

  • A client about to go to collections suddenly called and paid in full.

  • After two years of begging, my client’s ex husband suddenly cooperated with divorce proceedings without my client even sending the letter we co-authored.

  • Charities I work with suddenly had new grants and donors come in after we rewrote the mission statement and press release.

  • Clients that were dealing with difficult clients, business partners, bosses suddenly had lawsuits dropped, new business, significant pay raises and dream come true business deals.

  • During an info product pre-launch sales were not going well. Then I had the sales manager write his team a letter that he never sent and the next day the sales team exceeded his expectations. They went on to do a record half a million dollar launch, breaking previous sales records on JVZOO Marketplace.

  • A client lost his sales job right after hiring me. Within a day of rewriting his vision statement he got an even better gig where his weekly sales commissions became his new daily number working with higher net worth business owners.

  • A woman was going to walk away from a divorce settlement because her ex was so abusive to her and their teenage son. Through our work together she got her confidence and sanity back and walked away with a 7 figure divorce settlement.

  • It’s normal for clients to get significant pay raises as I help them recognize their untapped wealth and worth.

Once I determine prospects are a fit for my services I help them map out the specific financial, legal or career challenge they want to transcend with my laser focused writing formula. For clients that want to grow assets such as their income and influence we spell everything out in advance so we can track what new challenges and opportunities come along. Often 6 month goals are shortened to 60 or 30 day goals.

We test every piece of writing to make sure if the author feels amazing with what s/he wrote. I call it the ZING Factor. (That in love, touch down, victory feeling when everything connects.) Every piece of writing is written and edited to generate that feeling. It laser focuses the decision and lines up the client to filter out distractions, stay the course and notice a flood of desired conversations, partnerships, resources and mission focused support.

Because every word on the page is a commitment or a decision my client has made. If there is doubt, fear, regret, resistance of any kind with an offer, request from the team, an ask for a prospect, anger towards a difficult person, that’s going to show up in the written message. Just like a pet or child can sense something is wrong without anyone saying a word, your professional audience can subconsciously sense it too. It helps my co-authors to quickly identify win/win and lose/lose financial, partnership and time investments saving a boat load in legal fees, hiring or partnering with the wrong people while significantly shortening the time between decisions and results.

Clients save and earn significant amounts of time, energy, resources and money being in total mental and emotional alignment to their written message. Savings have ranged from an entire four year college, room and board paid for with simple communication to a distant relative to significant pay raises to 7-8 figure business deals from the contracts, emails and marketing I’ve edited! Oftentimes my clients were doing good, and with my help they were doing great with a lot less effort and more amazing support and resources that came their way!

I seem to attract highly educated, innovative, spiritual, philanthropic, community minded, generous, visionary executives, founders, directors, educators, community leaders, peace makers, investors, healthy and wealthy minded clients who understand the power of their thoughts, emotions and words and are ready to accelerate growth and leverage their time with more ease, flow, resources, cooperation and appreciation.

Yes. Results really start to click and accelerate for my clients when they stop complaining or talking about the past and have me help them focus on their ideal plans, deals, relationships, company improvements and long term vision and legacy.

  • Absolutely! I help my clients map out the big picture results.

  • I help clients put into place written systems to automate their winning decision making.

  • I help clients remove stress, guilt, shame, and unworthiness by rewriting their past and future so that the perceived losses and setbacks are untapped energy and resources that are made suddenly available through self love and forgiveness.
  • This is a judgment free service that takes whatever beliefs you have and tailors your co-authored written message around that. If you have resistance to your plans, mission, past, audience or personal worth and credibility through my 7 step co-authoring process we can quickly identify words and concepts that are keeping my clients stuck and quickly swap them out with stories and language that matches the beliefs and experiences. This service is really different from the single person trying to change themselves to be in a perfect relationship. Instead this writing brings the ideal conversations, opportunities, resources, funding, income to the client focusing on my client’s core beliefs and natural genius and interests.
  • I can directly trace the writing I did privately to myself to the life I have now. Before I met my husband in April 2004 I made a list of exactly the relationship I wanted and I even drew a picture of a couple kissing inside a full moon. I met my husband a couple months later that matched 29/30 things on my “Meet My Life Partner” list on April 1st on a Blue Full Moon. Within two weeks of meeting I knew after I found my list we’d be married. My husband knew I was the gal for him the night we met in a bar  dancing to Karaoke music.

    In the last two decades of my co-authoring/ consulting practice I’ve used my laser focused writing style to:

    • Find myself sitting and speaking next to my dream business partners on conference panels

    • Act in and be a producer in an independent film

    • Travel to 24+ countries

    • Teach leadership training to university students in Asia

    • Become a United Nations consultant through the NGO Global Interactions

    • Have my art selected to be in a competitive juried art show

    • Co-author an Amazon Best Selling book

    • Write numerous publications on my co-authoring/ goal achievement process

    • Write direct and produce my original play at the Philly Live Arts Festival

    • Recover from debilitating Lymes Disease and painful childhood Scoliosis

    • Deal with tragedies; loss of my identical twin sister and grandparents and change the story of my parent’s divorce

    • Avoiding near misses around the world in my travels from bombings to natural disasters
  • Absolutely. Clients who have had me train them and their teams have gone on to do record sales and be able to track big financial wins and cost and time savings.

  • I offer: 
    • Digital books 
    • Core curriculum  
    • Consulting 
    • Licensed products 
    • Events 
    • Masterminds 
    • Private training 
    • Goal focused document writing   
    • Document editing services  
    • A community of like minded co-authors using the power of writing to create a profitable past, present and future!

I’ll send you an onboarding document with detailed instructions on how to complete it to provide all of the necessary information. I’ll also request sample copies of your latest press releases, marketing, team emails and questions regarding your income goals, personal and team performance goals.

You will be required to attend my Co-authored Success Documents Workshop to understand the formatting language behind this laser focused executive communication writing that creates the fastest profits and savings for my clients.

Once I have all of the necessary information, we formulate a plan of action based on my unique methodology and start training you on how to avoid costly challenges and quickly act on profitable business opportunities by preplanning results before your next sales call, press release,  team, client, buyer, partner, investor or donor communication.

My onboarding process usually takes 2-3 weeks and is contingent upon you providing all of the required information in a timely manner. However, please note that the actual duration may vary depending on my waiting list.

Once you’ve outsourced your business communication editing to me, clients usually start getting results from the first day of the edits. However, it’s important to bear in mind that there’s a natural learning phase within the first month of working together. We need to write at least 20 pieces; emails, marketing pieces, press releases, meeting agenda items, donor request letters, shareholder newsletters… to gather enough data and experience in order to refine the process and maximize measurable and profitable results.

However, the very first piece of communication I help you write is a light bulb moment for clients reading the piece out loud and discovering the ease and flow of the words. Often clients notice a couple words in their daily conversation and communication that has generated unnecessary obstacles and the extra hours and weeks of work they were doing before we helped them communicate masterfully with themselves and others, accelerate connections and shorten the time it take to get specific, measurable, feel amazing results.

I completely understand the hard work and passion you’ve poured into building your mission and I’ll do my utmost best to protect your brand reputation and integrity. 

By using my sophisticated Co-Author And Live Your Successful Life System™, we’re able to laser focus your time, resources and communication testing every word for optimal positivity and flow and eliminate road blocks and resistance, thus maximizing your intuition, confidence and influence in every interaction we co-author your desired result in advance.  

As a result this Co-Author And Live Your Successful Life Process™ shortens [prospect, team member, client] response time and learning curve and eliminate confusions or drama between you and your coworkers, staff, prospective clients, vendors, job applicants, interns, business partners, investors and media agents.

Once we start to co-author these statements the process and natural way of communicating will shine through, except without the limiting words, the roadblocks, distractions, unresponsive audience or incompetent, frustrating support from others.

This writing takes away the fears, doubts, excuses that seem to keep my prospects best laid plans stuck in the future. 

Clients are blown away at how much money they are leaving on the table with a simple email or how cautious and uncertain a team is of the decision maker’s new plans. When this mental and emotional shift occurs through our writing process, clients notice an immediate positive change in response from seeming “lost causes” that seemed difficult to communicate or train in the past to much greater receptivity and cooperation.

We will be closely auditing team, client, sales conversations and performance to streamline effective communication starting in written form.

My clients quickly learn that major shifts can happen when I help them write just one sentence a week to focus on before an important sales call, meeting or hiring, firing, media, investing or planning decision.  We craft this one sentence together until every part of you believes the statement and are confident to move forward with ease, power and joy.

I have a simple process to help clients measure and maximize the effectiveness of every written communication before it is seen beyond your notebook or computer. This is the foundation of the program and it is simple and fast acting in embracing or rejecting any writing. We test each piece by reading it out loud. It it “ZINGS” with pure positive energy it’s ready to be shared. It is awkward to read in anyway, you get help editing it until it SINGS! What we are literally doing in this writing process is bypassing the inner critic, negative self-talk and anything that says me or my company is not ready for the next promotion or upgrade.

I literally can feel and hear the friction and flow of every written and spoken word and teach my clients very quickly to do the same to connect with prospects and close faster. 

My background in Oriental Medicine in the 1990s is the launchpad for this work where I was trained to see, hear, smell physical and mental imbalances. Instead of acupressure points I help shift the energy flow with the words my clients use.

 When we read the statements out loud clients start to yawn, stutter, pause, feel a tight stomach or any other uncomfortable responses. That’s when we know the wording needs to be changed and this saves my clients a boat load from self sabotage or partnering with the wrong people or projects.

It’s been said that 68 seconds of pure positive thought is equal to 1 million man hours of physical work. 

When everything that we communicated is in a state of flow instead of friction this lines up all our ducks to perform at its maximum focus and efficiency. 

And since our thoughts and emotions act like receptors and radio/TV stations and online media, the right people, opportunities and mission focused people come together quicker and more harmoniously.

No, it is better that we don’t waste time retelling or complaining about the past. I am not a therapist and the sooner my clients focus on getting the writing to flow and ZING with pure positive energy the quicker powerful financial, career, legal and relationship desired outcomes occur. We use the writing to focus everyone’s attention on your ideal response and result. The quicker we get down to the mission the quicker events, resources, funding, support moves into place.

This is an elite group of students and clients who know how to write press releases, sales letters, thank you notes, sales call scripts, articles, awards, earning statements following my training and private mentoring. 

Inside this special community members are posting their writing to get fast feedback on removing any resistance to their intended result. With every member of the community knowing what words put up obstacles or slow down the timeline to success we get very competitive as to how quickly or year goals become our six month goals and our future press releases and annual reports become our quarterly announcements!

Ready To Take Your Organization And Career To A New Heights?

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