Success Scriptor Manifesto

Without Scripting For Success, there would be no Live Your Peace community.

Who are Success Scriptors?… People who use the power of the scripting process to make win/win relationships, experiences and opportunities happen. Are you a Success Scriptor?

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How To Test Drive Your Goals

Something happened early on in my career as a business coach to question the whole nature of reality. I quickly discovered that once a client got clear about the specific, measurable results they wanted to achieve they could actually test drive their intended results by involving as many senses they could to physically, mentally and emotionally experience what it would feel like to achieve that goal.

I initially used a powerful theater exercise called “Walk About” that I renamed “Walk About For The Soul” that had clients step into a character that represented the best version of themselves. Here’s how it worked:

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Grace comes with every acknowledged blessing.

Radiant vision helps me notice all the people, opportunities

and gifts here to support my focused intentions.

Attitude of self love is my benchmark for all that occurs for me today.

Touched deeply by all the connections made clear to me,

I hold everyone around me in the highest light.

Trust in the process is what keeps me

committed to gratitude and self love.

Understanding that set backs are part of the process

and just keep going.

Dude! This is exciting at what is showing up in my income,

relationships and opportunities!

Excellence keeps on expanding and influencing everyone

and everything I touch!

Joy and Gratitude is my norm. 

Openness is a contagious condition that opens countless doors for me.

Up leveled everyday by my inspiring goals that

Reason and rules take a back seat to aligning to my highest vision

Nothing is impossible tapped into unlimited support and resources!

Approval of the highest kind is granted by Divine Love

Life is but a canvas for our journaled gratitudes
brought to life with every cherished moment.

Ruth Anne Wood © 9.17.17

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Philanthropic Muse


Personal blessings bestowed from the heart

Happiness, peace, love, integrity, vision, abundance, generosity and service ripples

Inward energizing every cell of your being

Lifting your mindset, purpose, and effectiveness in the world.

Attuned to your higher calling, you are a magnet for prosperous conversations.

Naturally, you are easily invited to collaborate with the most brilliant decision makers

Thought leaders, global transformers, essential for elevating humanity.

Heroes and helpers of your big vision call you beloved friend.

Radiant beams of influence emanate from your powerful, conscious and positive daily focus.

Omnipotent support through divine clarity and inspiration guide your global elevating decisions.

Presence in the present moment is your superpower.

Intentions set daily for future conversations and ideal results become your go to script as

Conscious connections and your effective communication between leaders continuously flourish. 

Maintaining the daily practice of self-love, a state of ZING energy infuses each word.

Understanding between you and your relations and is quickly recognized and honored.

Sensations of purpose, fulfillment and treasured moments are your beautiful legacy.

Everlasting love is infused in every project you support and every life you touch.

So Be It And So It Is!

Ruth Anne Wood, Philanthropic Muse

© Thursday, September 7, 2017

  1. How are you a Philanthropic Muse for the charities, people, projects and communities you support?
  2. What is your vision for service?
  3. What is your Philanthropic Muse super power?

Please share in the comment section!

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HARVEY – a poem dedicated to Mom and Joe

Yesterday I posted a poem on Facebook I wrote in 1989.
Mom asked for a recent one.
This morning I wrote a poem inspired by Mom and Joe’s new condo
Damaged in Hurricane Harvey.

It seemed appropriate to post images of my childhood photos
I scanned the first and last time I visited
their 6th floor Corpus Christi condo.

As I turned it into a video I started to change the words
from doom and gloom to more uplifting with one simple though

Here’s the video version:

a poem by
Ruth Anne Wood
Dedicated to Mom and Joe in Corpus Christi Texas
© Live Your Peace – September 3, 2017

Home represent who we think we are
We live in a world
Increasingly aware
Our thoughts create
Our reality.

Alas, when the shit hits the fan
Faced with the unexpected fight for our lives
Some of us forget that we are…
The same energy as the storm
The same molecules as the fire
The same breath as the news media
The same focus as the politician…

Remember what united us.
When does the power of rock ‘n roll
Free our soul?
The gospel of love
Heal mortal wounds and raise the dead?
Through reinvention
I suppose.
The awareness of fear
False Evidence Appearing Real
Becomes the big cosmic joke.
Gratitude brings more blessings.
Generosity breeds more faith in humanity.
Tragedy infuses a more resilient strain of DNA.
Comedians shine a light at the absurdity
Of our mass consciousness.
Offensive, threatening, warring countries
Like our own discover an inner strength
That transcends all lack, power struggle, policy or tradition
Saving face with great humility, honor, and pride.

Vega’s blue and white star light remind us true north changes.

Everyone has our own true north.

Yes, we are one, but we are not the same.

We carry each other.”

HARVEY -Ruth Anne Wood © 2017


Please, share your HARVEY writing, thoughts, musings, videos in the comment section.

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Dubbed “The GREATEST MAN on Earth!”

Absolutely selfless amazing man. Beautiful person, if only all of us could do just a bit.


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Award Bill Bartmann the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize

July 7, 2013

Dr. Rice nominates Bartmann for 2014 Nobel Peace Prize

Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Rogers State University President Dr. Larry Rice has nominated an area business leader for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

Rice describes Bill Bartmann, the CEO of CFS2, a consumer financial recovery firm based in Tulsa, as a person who is “making a difference.”

“Mr. Bartmann has already made a difference in the lives of 4.5 million consumers and is on a campaign to change the lives of 35 million consumers who are being abused by egregious debt collectors,” Rice said  in his letter to the Nobel Committee. “Mr. Bartmann has expended $6 million of his own funds to pioneer a revolutionary and novel approach to attack this problem.”

Bartmann’s approach works with families in financial crisis at no cost.

It also involves financial counseling, negotiation of debts and job search assistance. Bartmann’s CFS2 helps consumers secure appropriate government services to get their financial situations in order.

“Mr. Bartmann has been a tireless campaigner for reform of the debt collection industry and initiatives to drive those from the business who refuse to play by the rules,” Rice’s nomination letter states.

“He has worked to introduce new laws in state legislatures and in the Congress. He has built strong relationships with consumer advocacy groups, key political figures and state law enforcement.”

Rice’s letter details ways Bartmann’s actions have made an impact on reforming the industry, including:

• Reduce the bankruptcy rate in American by 50 percent

• Reduce the national unemployment rate by one full point.

• Stop all debt buyer credit card litigation in America. Last year, five million such suits were filed and 10 million are projected this year. Bartmann has personally shielded 4.5 million consumers from such suits.

• Reduce the judicial system backlog by 70 percent

• Return $36 billion annually in the form of credit card principal reduction of debt forgiveness

• Help 35 million families who are being pursued by third party debt collectors.

“One national media source described Mr. Bartmann as ‘The Patron Saint of the Second Chance.’ His connections to those in economic distress came early and naturally. He grew up in the poorest of circumstances,” Rice wrote.

Bartmann worked in a slaughterhouse and completed his GED. He earned a bachelors degree from Loras College and a law degree from Drake University.

In April, Bartmann’s CFS2 received the American Consumer Council’s “Friend of the Consumer” award.

“The greatest challenge society faces today is the disintegration of the family unit. Mr. Bartmann believes that the singles greatest factor driving stress on the family is financial. By extending a helping hand and teaching consumers the principles of building self-esteem and financial literacy while reducing he financial strain, he has become a powerful influence to stabilize the working poor and those who are the victims of economic collapse,” Rice said.

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Global Economic Development

Energime University Pitch


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Guided Healing Meditation

This meditation helped when I had a cold for a week.


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