How To Test Drive Your Goals

Something happened early on in my career as a business coach to question the whole nature of reality. I quickly discovered that once a client got clear about the specific, measurable results they wanted to achieve they could actually test drive their intended results by involving as many senses they could to physically, mentally and emotionally experience what it would feel like to achieve that goal.

I initially used a powerful theater exercise called “Walk About” that I renamed “Walk About For The Soul” that had clients step into a character that represented the best version of themselves. Here’s how it worked:

Within about thirty minutes after discussing where they were and where s/he wanted to be the client would stand up, walk around the room in front of me and act as if they had their dream job, relationship, business or problem resolved under my direction.

Then after they looked like they were moving more in line with that new character and vision of themselves, I’d ask them yes or no questions which they answered from a new place within themselves that had been altered by the change in movement or body posture.

S/he would rather quickly, answer yes or no questions I thought of in the moment as the person’s body posture gave me clues what to ask.

Then I’d have them walk around again with the new posture and mental and emotional makeup and invite them to stop walking when they felt comfortable in this new body posture and movement.

The coolest thing would happen, the clients would speak a monologue that came from a new place as if they were already this healthier, richer, wiser version of themselves all along even though thirty minutes earlier they were so stuck.

The transformation didn’t stop there.

Together we’d write a news or happily-ever-after story that captured the focus, feeling and desired end result in their new ideal life or situation.

Fast forward two decades and I often skip the walking, theater exercise and have the client write the story that generated that same “right on the money” energy created in the session. So anytime they wanted to feel good and get back into mental and emotional alignment with their best selves and ideal results crafted in the session, they could read the SuccessScript out loud, feel a ZING of energy go up and down their spine and instantly reconnect with their ideal, best versions of themselves.

I quickly discovered that once a client got clear about the specific, measurable result they wanted to achieve and I helped them involve as many senses they could to experience or test drive that result before making a specific plan or roadmap to get there.  More often than not the mental or emotional roadblock would evaporate and their solution or ideal result was a conversation away. This happened with clients in the form of unexpected pay raises, new jump in better quality high-end clients, resolving family conflict or have unexpected legal, financial issues dropped. The ones that remind me of Oprah or Ellen Giveaways included unexpected gifts of college, cars or medical expenses and child care paid in full!  Basically, this Scripting For Success process gave the client the experience of walking across a bridge that suddenly appeared out of thin air once they decided how they wanted to think, act, feel and do in their ideal situation.

Now here’s the mind-blowing thing. The SuccessScripting process not only worked for goal setting or problem-solving, it also worked for quickly generating asset growth which I mentioned above with the gifted car, bills paid, unexpected trips and career opportunities.

But this process goes even deeper changing our money/ asset growth stories. I had clients tally up all the times they worked for free, were undervalued at their job, by their family, business partners or strangers. Then we changed his/her story to a new SuccessScript or conversation. They mentally and emotionally went from being a victim to a victor and a person who got taken advantage of or a bum deal to a GENEROUS PHILANTHROPIST.

How? The average value working-class Americans give away in unpaid work or generated results by the age of 50 totals between $200,000-$500,000 of donations, unpaid goods and service!


Then the strangest things would happen after they changed their story and mental and emotional focus from a victim who was undervalued to a generous philanthropist that gave so much to so many. To have this process work, you can’t just add up all your contributions there are steps to mentally and emotionally shifting that focus of anger and resentment to gratitude, generosity, respect, and forgiveness for yourself and others.

Clients who I walk through this process in one session on average get unexpected asset growth between $8,000 – $30,000, however, the numbers have been in the six and seven figures of unexpected gifts and opportunities!

As you may have guessed just clearing the emotional blocks is just one of seven steps. Another is writing the SuccessScript to change the story from debt and victim to victor and generous donor. Strange coincidences and conversations would seemingly randomly occur that echoed the new SuccessScript I helped them write. Just like Google Alerts notifying a user someone posted an article or blog using their keyword, in this case the conversation or opportunity would be like a keyword pricking their ears up that they were in the right place at the right time for their intended opportunity.

They would be talking to a friend or out in public and unexpected doors that matched their SuccessScript would swing open.

If they got a bunch of opportunities that landed in their lap that matched their specifically tailored SuccessScript I’d have them go back and write the SuccessScript with even more specific details and it made the decision process that much more clear.

Ideas love speed and this is definitely was true with this process!

Change your conversation change your world.

People say I’m a great listener and manifestor, and over time I developed a step-by-step system to help clients bypass the crazymakers in their life or pending legal, relationship, financial or career doom and gloom by writing a new story or SuccessScript.  I listened to client’s stories and heard all the words that slowed down their momentum and what actually puts unnecessary steps and distractions in the way of their intended end result.

I put an introduction to the work I do with clients and members in the Live Your Peace paid community and in this 60+ page report.







You can pick up a digital copy of the book here for $9.39.

I chose that price because when I wrote it, my grandmother was 93 and I was 39. I love palindromes! 

This by no means will solve your problems, just like reading a history or math book will give you all the necessary training. Consider this the introductory textbook and to do a deep dive you need a great teacher.

My classroom is inside my paid Live Your Peace community. But before even offering you an application to join, you probably want to discover if you resonate with my teaching/ coaching style.

So if you find it fascinating that by changing your conversations, focus, and stories you tell yourself and others you can directly impact your intuition (think Google Alerts), your influence (resolving conflicts or moving forward with win/win decisions. And creating more impact, fulfillment, and significance.

© Ruth Anne Wood

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