Philanthropic Muse


Personal blessings bestowed from the heart

Happiness, peace, love, integrity, vision, abundance, generosity and service ripples

Inward energizing every cell of your being

Lifting your mindset, purpose, and effectiveness in the world.

Attuned to your higher calling, you are a magnet for prosperous conversations.

Naturally, you are easily invited to collaborate with the most brilliant decision makers

Thought leaders, global transformers, essential for elevating humanity.

Heroes and helpers of your big vision call you beloved friend.

Radiant beams of influence emanate from your powerful, conscious and positive daily focus.

Omnipotent support through divine clarity and inspiration guide your global elevating decisions.

Presence in the present moment is your superpower.

Intentions set daily for future conversations and ideal results become your go to script as

Conscious connections and your effective communication between leaders continuously flourish. 

Maintaining the daily practice of self-love, a state of ZING energy infuses each word.

Understanding between you and your relations and is quickly recognized and honored.

Sensations of purpose, fulfillment and treasured moments are your beautiful legacy.

Everlasting love is infused in every project you support and every life you touch.

So Be It And So It Is!

Ruth Anne Wood, Philanthropic Muse

© Thursday, September 7, 2017

  1. How are you a Philanthropic Muse for the charities, people, projects and communities you support?
  2. What is your vision for service?
  3. What is your Philanthropic Muse super power?

Please share in the comment section!

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