HARVEY – a poem dedicated to Mom and Joe

Yesterday I posted a poem on Facebook I wrote in 1989.
Mom asked for a recent one.
This morning I wrote a poem inspired by Mom and Joe’s new condo
Damaged in Hurricane Harvey.

It seemed appropriate to post images of my childhood photos
I scanned the first and last time I visited
their 6th floor Corpus Christi condo.

As I turned it into a video I started to change the words
from doom and gloom to more uplifting with one simple though

Here’s the video version:

a poem by
Ruth Anne Wood
Dedicated to Mom and Joe in Corpus Christi Texas
© Live Your Peace – September 3, 2017

Home represent who we think we are
We live in a world
Increasingly aware
Our thoughts create
Our reality.

Alas, when the shit hits the fan
Faced with the unexpected fight for our lives
Some of us forget that we are…
The same energy as the storm
The same molecules as the fire
The same breath as the news media
The same focus as the politician…

Remember what united us.
When does the power of rock ‘n roll
Free our soul?
The gospel of love
Heal mortal wounds and raise the dead?
Through reinvention
I suppose.
The awareness of fear
False Evidence Appearing Real
Becomes the big cosmic joke.
Gratitude brings more blessings.
Generosity breeds more faith in humanity.
Tragedy infuses a more resilient strain of DNA.
Comedians shine a light at the absurdity
Of our mass consciousness.
Offensive, threatening, warring countries
Like our own discover an inner strength
That transcends all lack, power struggle, policy or tradition
Saving face with great humility, honor, and pride.

Vega’s blue and white star light remind us true north changes.

Everyone has our own true north.

Yes, we are one, but we are not the same.

We carry each other.”

HARVEY -Ruth Anne Wood © 2017


Please, share your HARVEY writing, thoughts, musings, videos in the comment section.

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2 Responses to HARVEY – a poem dedicated to Mom and Joe

  1. Beth Meininger says:

    How provocative and beautiful Ruth Anne! I am inspired by your words and provoked to dig deeper into my consciousness, to listen with more acuity, to carry less judgment, and to observe with wider more loving eyes. Thank you for sharing, and thank you to your mother for asking. Sending love to you all… 🙂

    • ruthanne says:

      Thanks, Beth. I’ve been digging deeper on how we are all connected. This poem came to me on the Sunday after HARVEY rearranged Mom’s condo and as I jotted down ideas I thought it would be cool to make each section spell out HARVEY. I was delighted to use a fraction of the family photos I scanned when I visited Mom in her new condo last November. I hadn’t seen my baby pictures with me and my twin sister, or me on my dad’s shoulders at Disney World as a little girl visiting my Great Grandparents. Then I found music I like on youtube. Voila.

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