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Host: Ruth Anne Wood

Ruth Anne Wood

RUTH ANNE WOOD is the founder of “Scripting for Success” and the “Live Your Peace” interview series, and co-author of:

  • MINDSET MASTERS: Achieve Anything Anytime Anywhere. Ruth’s chapter is 7 Steps to Transform Debt Into Abundance: Through Forgiveness, Mental Tithing and Meditation
  • You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It!; A blind figure skater and a visionary writer’s inspirational guide to moving through life
  • Abundant Magical Lives; Insights for Passionate People

As the host of Live Your Peace, Ruth Anne Wood interviews community leaders on their personal insights and contribution to the community through peace, passion and prosperity.

Ruth has been referred to as a “Muse” and “Writer of our Lives” for over a decade.  She has collaborated with community leaders in the personal development and business success arenas.  She specializes in support to discover your true worth and the adventure of realizing your life work.  Ruth is available for individual or group training and inspirational speaking. 

Her motto is “Work with the best, leave the rest!”

Dubbed the “Queen of Collaboration” and a “Master Community Builder”, ScriptingForSuccess.com director Ruth Anne Wood helps her clients launch personal and global conversations that creates fast cash infusions in her clients’ business in ten weeks or less.

If you ever wanted to know how to inspire your audience to fund your dream projects; books, info products, documentary films or live events, Ruth is the pro. Ruth’s own interview series was a crowd funded project that launched her own international community of superstars and turned a profit in less than a week of announcing her workshop that tied in with a global event.

Ruth speaks on stage and partners with superstars using the power of focused story to help her audience shape their desired career and company’s destiny!

Ruth is also a proud Ambassador of Celebrate World Peace.

Imagine having conversations and being mentored by some of the most creative, talented, prosperous and generous people on the planet 25-55 minutes at a time on the subjects of peace, passion and prosperity. Then imagine gathering all those stories, pearls of wisdom and powerful training in one place to share with your global community and position yourself as a generous expert. This is what host of LiveYourPeace.com does every week in her ongoing interview series and success mentoring groups. Her work as the founder of ScriptingForSuccess.com comes full circle as a mult-media producer and success mentor. Ruth Anne Wood helps her clients discover, communicate, write, publish, produce and promote ideal success stories before and after they occur.

Then clients and audiences follow her six step process to “Get Your Dreams out of the Drawer FAST!” Ruth helps you skyrocket your income and connections with superstars in your global community starting in 10 weeks or less thanks to her 7 steps to launch your profitable products with group collaboration and global conversations. Her services have transformed the lives, relationships, income, businesses, health and expanded vision of truly grateful professionals and entrepreneurs ready to share their transformational message and expertise. Ruth has presented on stage along side other superstar authors, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Ruth’s Signature Talks

Transform Debt Into Abundance: Through Forgiveness Mental Tithing and Meditation Unite Your Big Mission With Global Events And the Media Will Love You!
Turning Adversities into Adventures
Allow the Impossible to be Possible
Script Your Success and Manifest Your Dream Life
6 Steps to Get Your Dreams out of the Drawer

Ruth Anne Wood

78 East State St
Doylestown, PA 18901

facebook @LiveYourPeace
Twitter @RuthAnneWood
YouTube @RuthAnneWood

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