Michael Shoeman takes us on a 60 Day Quest

Can you really harness the power of the hero’s journey to transform your finances, relationships and achieve your major life goals? Michael Shoeman has worked for the past sixteen years as an acting teacher, life coach, television producer and writer.  He combines experiences from all four disciplines in The 60 Day Quest presentation.  

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Michael Shoeman

Michael is the founder of LifeACT International and author of “The Destiny 5 Experience”, a book which will be enjoying a national tour commencing late 2011 into 2012.  Michael has been touted by experts in the field of life coaching as “the most prolific coach of his generation”. He combines his experiences as an actor, acting teacher, television producer, writer and mental health professional treating suicide survivors into his presentations creating the most dynamic experiential workshops on the circuit today.  His book “The Destiny 5 Experience” chronicles the 60 Day Quest of his own life and the lives of four women ranging from ages 18 to 60.

Within the book’s pages all 5 participants learn the art of empowering themselves to some miraculous feats including: earning half a million dollars in less than 60 days; getting into the college of one teenager’s dreams; feminine empowerment combining sexuality and spirituality; using a personal tragedy to find justice – and finally, discover the result if one makes a conscious intention of writing one the most powerful books about self-empowerment in the world today.

“Mike Shoeman generously takes us on a powerful guided hero’s journey at the end of this Live Your Peace interview that brought tear to my eyes and created ah ha moments of clarity and a powerful focus. This is the kind of accelerated transformational tools and experiences I’ve experienced during the first 21 day’s of my 60 Day Quest with Michael!”

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