Grammy nominated spiritual musician David Young reveals…

Grammy nominated for Best Instrumental Album, David Young started playing the recorder in third grade and has become one of the world’s most well known recorder players, producing more than 40 CDs and selling over 1,000,000 copies.What David Young does has never been done before. He has developed a method of playing two different size recorders at the same time, in harmony, which creates a sound that some call the most beautiful music on Earth.

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David Young

David’s performances are visually and musically stimulating to any audience. Over the years, David Young has performed for Barbara Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, Guns & Roses and Paul McCartney, who started a standing ovation for him at one of his performances.

His music has been played on hundreds of radio stations around the world, as well as, on the soap operas General Hospital, All My Children, and Passions.

David wrote, produced and acted in the movie Village of Dreams, filmed at the world famous Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas store in Rothenburg Germany, which aired on television over 250 times last year. A companion children’s book was made along with theVillage of Dreams movie.

He has also written and produced a musical called The Mystery of Destiny which has been performed at various theatres.

David Young travels 40 weeks of the year, and is now available for performances at corporate and special events, private parties, as well as schools, churches, and retirement communities. Contact David for more information.

Many listeners have had their lives touched by the angelic, relaxing quality of his modern instrumental music, or as he calls it, “beautiful music”.

“All of this relaxing music comes from my heart and was created to give people a positive alternative, a sense of peace that makes life more enjoyable. I call it beautiful music because styles and their names come and go, but beautiful music will always be beautiful music.”

– David Young

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