How to produce engaging conversations with NY Producer Jonathan Pillot

As a New York producer Jonathan Pillot is more interested in entertaining than preaching on the important issues. Avoiding the limiting sound bits that come with, “Now we’re going to talk about the environment” he knows that kind of framing keeps those on the fence rather than fully caring and participating. One of the shows that he co-produces is HomeBase with Deepak Chopra and Paulette Cole, CEO and creative director of abc home. Check out an upcoming conversation “THE RELIGION OF LOVE” – A Celebration of Rumi & Love, with Deepak Chopra, Andrew Harvey and Rabbi David Ingber, with special dance and musical performances. Monday, May 16th at ABC Home-Deepak/HomeBase.

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An astrologer once took a quick look at Jonathan Pillot’s chart – the time/date/place of birth – and immediately said, “You know, you’re not from this planet. It’s not like you haven’t lived different lifetimes on earth, it’s just that you come from another place. Like ET.” “I know,” just rolled off my lips. “Jonathan, you don’t seem even a little surprised.” “Well, Kali, finally at least it now makes sense.”

So that fiery-redheaded, Jewish only child, with the powerful dying mother and the somewhat emotionally castrated father, grew up feeling separate and different and very much alone. Jonathan spent enormous amounts of time in his head and heart – feeling everything deeply, seeing everyone fully, becoming sensitive and intuitive and nurturing in ways that belied that he was a boy. And after lifetimes of trying to fit in, and fill holes, from the outside, “I can honestly and finally say that while I may seemingly question everything, and continue to seek answers to the questions for which there may be none, and look through whatever lens I do, I have arrived at a place where I have never been more open or loving or comfortable in my skin. Or more humbled by the constant challenges to stay there.”

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