Shane Belceto, Social Media Findings to Inspire and Motivate

Shane Belceto author of: Inspirational Quote Book

Inspirational Quote Book,
Social Media Findings to Inspire and Motivate

Ruth Anne Wood of Scripting for Success & Live Your Peace interviews, highlights the success of Shane Belceto.

Despite being seeing impaired, not “reading” books and listening to many leaders, Shane is now the author of: Inspirational Quote BookSocial Media Findings to Inspire and Motivate

Ruth Anne Wood: Scripting for Success TM and host of Live Your Peace interviews

Shane says, “A quote has the power to plant seeds and dreams of what’s possible.”

Yet for a while he struggled with the self doubt of who am I to write a book? With the support and encouragement of his family, social media community and Ruth Anne Wood who challenged  Shane Belceto to have his idea for a book done and ready to launch by his Live Your Peace interview he overcame this internal debate and went for it!

The Inspirational Quote Book launches Wednesday March 27 and has many contributors making this event a best seller success. Be sure to order your book and download the gift page.

Live Your Peace interviews
Shane Belceto


Shane is a social media and youtube optimization expert and business success coach. He is also a father, husband and a chaperone for teens in mission trips in the USA not too far from his home in Seattle and in Haiti. Stay tuned forhis upcoming trip with adults in Mexico.

Shane Belceto inspires others and coaches you to be and do more. Loves anything and everything Mickey Mouse, working with teens and youth of all ages, leading and working on mission trips world wide, and energeticly skipping arround the globe while helping others. Shane will always be a kid at heart and puts his heart fully into all he does. Shane loves working with others hands on and side by side and lives his life with the TEAM spirit …

~Expect Miracles
Shane Belceto CPC

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