Sian Lindemann leads a wave of Indie Artists

Sian Lindemann, Founder of Sian Design is an accomplished artist, visionary, and business development expert and brings to the Arts and Entertainment community 30 years of experience in art promotion, marketing and career development for artists. Notably, as VP of Dolphin Galleries, Inc, Maui, Hawaii, Sian provided practical and financial expertise to an industry that is known to lack the ability to generate consistent revenues, subsequently producing multimillion dollar revenues to this company, and to the artists it represents.

A master mentor of the creative spirit, there is nothing short of wizardry she imparts to support the artist in the creation of new ideas, new works, while simultaneously encouraging growth, depth, scope in the artist with whom she seeks to focus.

Sian is considered visionary in recognizing the most practical applications by which these works can then be sold or placed.

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Sian Lindemann

Sian Lindemann is an artist and has been so for all of her life…

For over 30 years, Sian has contributed to the business growth and development of world class artists, and has been the instrument AND the idea behind the procurement of millions of dollars in sales in the Fine Art, Jewelry, Sculpture and Clothing industries.

Ms. Lindemann has had a hand in designing the marketing and sales strategies to, ultimately place those artists works.

She is an artist, Certified Professional Coach, and a Creative Business Development expert that has rendered a hand in the success of literally hundreds of artists throughout her life long career.

As in previous years, flexing with industry trends, Sian Lindemann, shifts with the change once again.

The onset of the internet, and particularly Social Media has brought to the Fine Arts industry a significant opportunity. A Revolution has occurred in marketing, and WE will CREATE a market for YOU and YOUR Art.

Sian Design has a significant and comprehensive list of past clients and testimonials, listed below. New clients will have an opportunity like never before. Launch will include immediate and absolute Global Visibility, more swiftly than ever before.

Welcome the New World of Arts Promotion “Indie” Artists are the “wave” of the future…

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