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MINDSET MASTERS: ACIEVE Anything Anytime AnywhereJason Myers, IndependentWealthCreator.orgJason is a pilot, inventor, serial entrepreneur, author, and perpetual sponge for knowledge. He has founded countless successful offline and online companies since the 1980’s. One of his first profitable businesses was in senior year in high school where he did his first joint venture with an arcade company for a 50/50 split.

And now he can add being a co-author with Ruth Anne Wood and 15 other co-authors to his list of credits as M.C. of MINDSET MASTERS: Achieve Anything, Anytime Anywhere. His internet commerce experience began in 1997 when he launched one of the first paid online directory sites focused on professional speakers, trainers and coaches.

He has launched multiple web businesses marketing to both B2C and B2B markets including: magazine subscriptions, consumer products, motor pool software, GPS vehicle tracking, digital e-books, affiliate sites, shopping comparison engines, digital software downloads, pay-for-performance lead generation marketing, database-driven custom web applications (software as a service) used by Fortune 50 companies, and several other internet marketing endeavors.

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Jason Myers

In addition to his vast entrepreneurial experience, Jason served 11 years as an executive with Cingular/AT&T in various regional and national roles. Some of his largest assignments were to develop the company’s five-year national sales distribution strategy, oversee its national retail operations for over 1,100 locations and 8,000 retail employees. He ultimately served as Chief of Staff/C.O.O. of the company’s largest operating market with a budget of nearly $2 billion annually and served on the merger/integration team for the largest merger in history ($41 billion), before he retired from wireless at the age of 34. A forever self-proclaimed start-up junkie, he went on to co-found an online e-tailer with a catalog of 1.865 million SKUs to market in a low-touch business model leveraging proven drop ship, just-in-time inventory methods employed by Amazon.com, Target.com, and Walmart.com.

As CEO and chief software architect, he achieved a rank of 272 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S. He has since sold that company to a publicly traded manufacturer of consumer goods. He is the author of Independent Wealth Formula and founder of IndependentWealthInstitute.org  – an organization dedicated to developing entrepreneurs. It’s an honor to be one of his esteemed co-authors in MI.

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