Melodee Forbes helps fathers understand and love daughters

Melodee Forbes is founder of “Figure Her Out” which helps fathers create great relationships with their daughters. As the daughter of an influential Father,  over the past 25 years, Melodee father’s wisdom has quietly guided her from the Greatest Mistakes Most Girls Make In The 21st Century. During her time growing up alongside her dad, she discovered first-hand what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to leading little women . . .

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Melodee Forbes

Melodee didn’t really realize how great of a relationship she had with her dad until she went away to a prestigious, private university. $25,000 a year on a formal education, the ‘name-brand’ lifestyle, but somethingwas missing . . . she came across so many young adult women that made so many drastic life-altering decisions . . . most of the ‘missing pieces’ could’ve been resolved by their fathers maximizing time with them in simple, sustainable ways . . . it blew her away. That’s when she decided to do something for fathers and daughters.

Unlike a job a man doesn’t have to prove himself to his daughter. Girls view their dads’ as gods. How ever a father interacts with his daughter and other woman she is likely to repeat the relationship patterns in her adult life. Melodee shares with us the ways a father can express love and the multiple ways his daughter is hard wired to most appreciate and receive love. It could be in the form of touch, an experience, a gift or one of the other five ways to connect with your daughter. Listen to Live Your Peace interview to figure your daughter out and then download:

Melodee’s powerful father/daughter resources at

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  1. Casey says:

    What a wonderful sentiment. While I’m not a father myself, I applaud anyone with the insight to use their personal experience in such a critical arena– the father/daughter relationship– to help others improve their own bonds. Absolutely fantastic. And you’re helping make it happen, Ruth! Way to go!

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