Karen Graves Says You Win When You Clarify Your Message

Karen Graves of Vision Launch is on a mission to help women entrepreneurs build strong, successful, and bold businesses. She talks with Live Your Peace about what it was like auditioning for Ready for the Stage and how something inside her made a clear decision before her dream come true opportunities came into alignment!Live Your Peace Interviews Karen Graves

Live Your Peace interviews
Karen Graves


Who is Karen Graves?

For the longest time, Karen dreamed of having her own company where she could have flexibility to spend time with my family, freedom to do anything she desired, and, of course, financial success.  One day destiny came in the form of corporate downsizing, which led Karen to believe it was time for me to make those dreams come true.

Except a little thing called REALITY woke her with a jolt.

When Karen started in business she was passionate, enthusiastic, highly motivated, 110% committed to success, and completely unprepared.

Having an award-winning sales and sales training background with Pfizer, Inc., Karen thought she knew enough about sales and marketing to be fully equipped to jump start her business and get clients with ease.  Afterall Karen had years of sales training.  She had taught sales training to hundreds of sales professionals.

“How could I fail? Quite easily I found out. I failed because even though I had a lot of knowledge about selling for somebody else, I didn’t have a lick of knowledge or confidence when it came to selling my own services.  That lack of confidence cost me my business to the point where I made so many critical mistakes that I ran out of time, money, and energy.  I ended up going back to work.

Thankfully, that was just what I needed to turn it all around.

You see, I was so miserable working for someone else again that I decided the only way to fulfill my dream was to quit that job, go back out on my own, and learn all I could about selling and marketing MY services so I would never have to have another j-o-b again.

Once I got clear on my purpose, got focused on what I needed to do to get clients, and started getting clients, the selling became easier and easier.  And dare I say fun?

And now my sole mission is to teach other women entrepreneurs how to find the words–their own words–to sell their services and products with confidence and impact.  No more being afraid, no more feeling icky and pushy, no more giving away everything for free…real sales, real clients, real results–REAL BUSINESSES.

Businesses they are ridiculously proud to talk about.

Women are starting businesses now more than ever and the only thing that is getting in the way of their businesses growing is that they are not talking enough about what they do to those who want what they offer.  They are spending too much time and money preparing to go into business and avoiding the VERY THING that will help their businesses grow and prosper…SELLING.   The very thing they need to be spending the most time doing.

Businesses rely on sales.  Period.

Because I desperately want women entrepreneurs to be in business and stay in business I will help them see that “sales” is not a dirty word.  It is something they can do because they are already doing it.  Together we will get clear, get focused, and get them clients.  Their confidence will grow along with their revenue.

There’s a new feminist movement in town.  It’s called the Feminine Success MovementTM.  No need to burn your bra, just get ready to sell.

Success is right around the corner and you can have it.  If you are ready to stop spinning your wheels, stop spending countless hours and dollars trying to get customers and start having customers come looking for you, contact me for a “Getting to Know You Session” to discuss where you want to be and how we can get you there.   Together we will help you achieve your inevitable success.” -Karen Graves

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