Carrol McHenry Reveals the Secret Behind the Secret

Ever wonder how Hypnosis and NLP works? What about the other stuff of achieving your dreams? Carrol McHenry Jr grew up in a small town in Kansas, the oldest of a working class family. He served in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Program right out of High School, then following his Dream, he became his own boss and started a Disc Jockey business, eventually moving from private parties to concert clubs and ended up with a career in Radio.

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Carrol McHenry

It was his natural skills as a communicator that was the driving force in his successful career as a Radio Broadcaster and through his desire to refine and advance those skills, he discovered traditional Hypnosis, then NLP. It was through this discovery, when combined with his study of various Religious and Spiritual teachings, that he unlocked The Secrets Behind The Secrets.

These Secrets explained all the questions he ever had about the philosophy of life and became the core belief system that is foundation for his Life Coaching. Carrol started to write this book and expand his Life Coachingas a way to again return to his Dream of being his own boss. Using traditional Hypnosis and NLP techniques as teaching tools, he explains this revolutionary philosophy in a simplistic, easy to understand manner,allowing anyone to break free from the grip of those who are trying to enslave you, empowering you to take control of your own life, decide your own future, and live happily ever after by following your Dreams.

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4 Responses to Carrol McHenry Reveals the Secret Behind the Secret

  1. I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Ruth Anne Wood about my new book “The Secrets Behind The Secrets”. She was absolutely wonderful!!! I was pleasantly surprised that she had a basic knowledge of the subject matter and great skill at making me feel comfortable. It was like chatting with an old friend. This was my first interview for the recently released book, so I was a little nervous, but she quickly made me feel right at home. Thank You again for the opportunity.

  2. Caroll,
    You really shared some great insight into the world of hypnosis and shaping your future using a vast array of tools. The more knowledge you shared at how to influence others subconscious including our own the more I was drawn to your message including how our personal life is shaped by these tools. Much success with “The Secrets Behind The Secrets”! -Ruth

  3. Piotr Roman says:

    This is the very first Live Your Peace interview I’ve listened to and I loved it. Caroll did a great job talking about NLP and segment intending using all your senses not just sight. It goes along with our earlier conversations with the work you do writing your own success stories at Scripting for Success. I’ll be using Caroll’s tips with real estate in Poland and trading sport memorabilia for charities.

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