Pamela Bruner Helps Business Owners Succeed Using EFT

Pamela Bruner specializes in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help entrepreneurs eliminate limiting beliefs that keep them from experiencing peace and prosperity. In the process of co-authoring a Chicken Soup for the Soul book with Jack Canfield Pam says, “It’s one thing to know what to do in your business and quite another to have the emotional well being to take action and feel good doing it!” Pamela walks us through the very steps she uses to help clients and grow herself including her up coming success book co-authored with Jack Canfield.

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Pamela Bruner

Eight years ago Pamela Bruner quit her corporate job to become self-employed. In three years I went from $7000/yr to over $100,000/year! And here’s the kicker: she did this as a professional musician, a harpist! Most people think that musicians can’t make money – the term ‘starving artist’ is a cliche.

Pamela wants to help you enjoy the same kind of success!

After a few years as a musician, she realized that her passion is helping others achieve their dreams. Pamela became a coach to do this, and then realized that most life coaches don’t have any idea how to become successful.

One of the things that Pamela heard continually was folks giving marketing advice saying ‘Just do this, even if you hate doing it, because you need to’.

Doing things you hate is not the only way to success! Pamela had to find a way to make it easy.

‘Make Your Success Easy’ was born. Pamela uses state-of-the-art mindset tools, including meridian tapping techniques such as EFT to make it easy and fun to do all the things that

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