Molly Sunshine Inspires Self-Esteem and Peak Performance

Molly Nece is a leading expert in the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. She is both a dynamic, entertaining speaker and highly interactive trainer. Molly has a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences towards increased levels of self-esteem and peak performance.

She is author of several books, including Chasing Stars in the Sunshine, Sunshine Sisters: A Celebration of Legacies, Tyler’s Tidal Wave Adventure, and A Tale of Miss Molly Sunshine.

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Molly Sunshine

Molly is a regularly featured speaker at associations, school districts, colleges, government agencies, churches, and corporations with over 40 crutial keynote topics! Molly also conducts annual Sunshine Tours for teens, tweens, and women, Sunshine Speakeasies/Mastermind Groups, Successful Author Workshops, Sunshine Teleseminar Book Clubs, Group Coaching, Little Miss Sunshine Puppet Shows, and Tyler’s Tidal Wave Pledge Workshops for students to shine bright! In addition to her 15 years of speaking experience, she has built two speaking businesses, Molly Sunshine and Rhino Living, as well as  formed her publishing company,  Legacy Producers, over the past three years, and published four books in less than a year, while working full time for West Chester University’s Training and Organizational Development Office.  Molly lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with her husband and five year old son.

Molly’s mission in life is to “make a difference and be the difference” and make what may seem impossible… possible! She is a firm believer that everyone has a piece of sunshine in them and finds joy in helping people of all ages unleash their potential, shine bright and discover their “star power.”

For a deeper look into Molly’s passions, expertise, companies, books, audios, and resources, check out more of Molly’s resources:

Reserve your seat to Sunshine Sister Idol on February 9, 6:30-8:30pm Philips Memorial Building, West Chester University

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  1. Jason says:

    Live your peace & your dreams! I like Molly’s attitude and feel her message is perfect for the Choose Your Own Adventure Fringe Day #1 activity.

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