Devotional Chant and Global Prayer with Jody Kessler

Ithaca, NY based singer/ songwriter Jody Kessler left a career as a schoolteacher in 1995 to become a full-time performing artist. Since then, she has released four CDs,Another Day of LovingLeap of FaithNo Solid Ground, and most recently, Bare Bones. Her songs touch upon themes of relationship, connection with Spirit, contemporary issues, life stories, and the joy of being alive.

Known for her insightful lyrics, masterful guitar work, and pristine vocals, Jody delivers her refreshingly original material with passion, sensitivity, and humor. She performs nationally in coffeehouses and folk venues as well as at interfaith centers, churches, and festivals. Jody is also an ordained Interfaith Minister.

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Jody Kessler

“Unafraid to sing about change, discovery, awakening, and recovery, Kessler is very aware that songs about pain are nothing new, but here is one talent who is unafraid to sing about the healing,” writes Rochelle Brener of Spiral Magazine.

“Jody’s skill in weaving poetic story with just the right musical line surely puts her in company with the best” says Pam Goddard of Folkstuff Newsletter.

Scott Kalechstein, nationally known troubadour and inspirational speaker, describes Jody’s work as “soulful, emotionally penetrating, and wondrously beautiful music.”

Best-selling author Stephen Levine has said of her work, “Jody’s music opens the heart we share.”

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ONE LOVE Devotional Chant
A Musical Celebration of Global Prayer
by Edie Weinstein

Throughout the ages and across cultures, prayer through song and simple body movement has been a powerful vehicle for connecting with the Divine. ONE LOVE weaves together ancient and contemporary prayer songs and chants from a rainbow of spiritual traditions and practices, including Hindu Kirtan, Sufi Zikr, earth-based religions, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and more.

The band, led by singer-songwriter and Interfaith Minister Jody Kessler, describes their unique program as an “interfaith devotional chanting experience.” They emphasize the word “experience” because they present their work not as a performance but rather as a participatory co-creation, as they invite the audience to join in with singing and prayerful movement.

ONE LOVE features Kessler on guitar and vocals, Doug Shire on keyboard and harmonium, Allie Ann Rutherford on vocals and percussion, and Joe Smellow on percussion and an array of flutes, harmonica, pan pipes, didgeridoo, and more. In addition, the band is often joined by.guest musicians and singers from areas where they tour.

The band’s newly-released self-titled CD is an uplifting and heartful sharing of their work in a live setting. The album has over 72 minutes of music and features a chorus of 16 singers.

ONE LOVE is based in Central New York and enjoys sharing their music at churches and other spiritual communities, yoga centers, and retreat centers, and festivals.

Visit for audio and video clips, and more.

ONE LOVE will be appearing at Pebble Hill Interfaith Church on Friday January 21st at 7:30 PM.

7:30 PM
Pebble Hill Interfaith Church
320 Edison-Furlong Road, Doylestown, PA
Tickets $10-adv., $15 door
order online at
More info: 610-789-9833

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3 Responses to Devotional Chant and Global Prayer with Jody Kessler

  1. Jody Kessler says:

    Hello Ruth and Jason,

    On behalf of the band, I’d like to say thank you SO much for all you did to support us this weekend. We deeply appreciate how you invited all four of us, with all our mountains of stuff, into your home. We were comfortable and well-rested for the rest of our tour, which went beautifully. And many thanks for the interview, Ruth, and all you did to help promote the event.

    We look forward to connecting with you next time I’m we’re in the area.

    Many Blessings,
    Rev. Jody Kessler
    Singer-songwriter & Interfaith Minister

  2. ruthanne says:

    You are most welcome Jody!


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