The ABCs of Energy with medical intuitive Martine Bloquiaux

Martine Bloquiaux [Blo-Ki-O] is a Medical Intuitive, Author, and Healer practicing in the US, Europe and Asia.  Over the last 30 years Martine has traveled extensively around the globe: sharing, studying, and working with many honored masters, peoples, and sacred places. Martine settled in the Philadelphia, PA area after many years as a successful international lawyer and marketing executive. She studied and practiced with many Asian masters and learnt many ancient practices such as Sacred Geometry, I Ching, Feng Shui, Energy Healing and Clearing; as well as modern disciplines such as Shamanism, Reiki, Quantum Physics, Energy Medicine, Soul Healing and Reconnective Healing. Having been involved with the lives of local leaders and people of good will around the world, Martine also co-founded People 4 Earth,  a global non-profit designed to find sustainability solutions for producers worldwide. Martine was one of the original founders of the Chinese Shangri-la Orphanage under the protection of H.E. ChongBa Rinpoche of Yunnan. This foundation now evolved into the Milalinka Ci-guang Charitable Foundation Ltd.

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Martine Bloquiaux


After mastering a number of ancient and modern healing systems, Martine developed a medical intuitive healing technique of her own which she has been practicing for nearly a decade in the US, Europe, and Asia. Find out step-by-step what will happen during your hour long session.

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During a one hour Medical Intuitive session, clients may expect the following:


1. Overall health

The overall health and deficiency of the body is checked. An energetic age (as opposed to a physical age) is attributed to the person, giving an immediate insight into genetics, lifestyle, and actual health. It serves as a simple gauge to understand when healing begins or when health deteriorates.

2.  Scanning for cancerous areas

The scanning of any cancerous or pre-cancerous areas is performed.  This is also valid for clients who are in remission. If the scanning proves positive, a specific area or even areas are located and the client is asked to seek immediate medical advice and testing. Additionally, immediate lifestyle changes are suggested. Clients are usually only seen again after they have successfully completed their chemotherapy or radiation treatment. At that point, the rebalancing of the system and the rebuilding of the immune system will be critical to truly ‘beating’ the cancer or keeping at bay the negative side effects of the treatments or the cancer itself.

3.  Scanning of all systems and organs

Using a scoring system unique to Martine, the current deficiencies of all systems and organs are determined. Each organ or system is checked as to how far it is removed from optimal performance; the energy of a healthy newborn is the starting point for this comparison. The parameters of deficiencies are scored incrementally from perfect health to a non-functioning state or death.

Martine’s comprehensive scan starts with  the immune system, nerve system, brain, digestive tract, circulatory system, endocrine and lymphatic system, reproductive system, muscles and bones all the way down to the skin, eyes and ears and hormonal levels.

4. Scanning for specific lifestyle issues

During a scan, Martine also investigates special issues that may be troubling you such as  food or environmental allergies; nutritional imbalances due to  fats or sugars; to the need for a specific amount of exercise; alternative therapies such as chiropractic, acupuncture or detoxification treatments, and medical testing.

Any other specific concerns or questions are handled at this point.

5.  Verification of additional physical and energetic factors

For medications and supplements, Martine has the extremely rare gift to be able to validate or assign a performance number to each medication prescribed to the client. The scope of this includes not only the medication itself, but its efficacy, including its exact dosage and the specific time period linked to that dosage. This process is taken very seriously as clients often self medicate or unilaterally decide to go “cold turkey” on their medications when they do not feel well. Clients are referred back to their physician for final advice if changes are suggested. The same process is  used for supplements or over-the-counter medications.

Additional energies are also scanned if they have not surfaced already:

  • Emotional (specific emotions sitting in or weighing on the body)
  • Mental (what we think we are, 95% of our actions are automatic and not by choice)
  • Environmental (nature, inside of a house or office, smoking, etc.)
  • Ambient (energies of the deceased, places, etc.)
  • Spiritual (is the soul sick, are we on the right path, etc.)
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