Greg Campisi reveals the focus of The AWAKEN Healing Expo

Greg Campisi. AwakenCHE.orgRuth Anne Wood interviews Greg Campisi. He is the founder of AWAKEN, a Center for Human Evolution (CHE) where individuals and groups are guided into their brightest, highest, and most beloved selves. This is through the education and practice of empowerment, expression, love and acceptance.

The AWAKEN Healing Expo happens Saturday December 14, 2013. This event brings together many healing modalities and practitioners with a day of talks on specific modalities and treatments at rates that make it easy to try a lot of different practitioners and modalities. Discover all the wellness treatment available from 10am-6pm under one roof. Contact Greg for tickets at:

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Greg Campisi

AwakenAwaken is a Center for Human Evolution (CHE) where individuals and groups will be guided into their brightest, highest, and most beloved selves through the education and practice of empowerment, expression, love and acceptance.

Awaken uses education as its primary tool for empowering people to know, understand, and live their greatest potential. The main catalyst used for empowerment is the expression of emotions and deepest truths within us, creating a space to accept vulnerability in ourselves and in others.

Awaken realizes the importance of helping future generations reach their full potential. This is accomplished both through working with youth, as well as helping current and future parents understand themselves and the needs and potential of their children.

Awaken is dedicated to bringing love and harmony to the hearts of all humankind through education and health. Awaken’s goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Love and Acceptance of Self
  • Expression of Self
  • Love and Acceptance of Others
  • Evolution of Mind, Body, and Spirit to their full Potential

Enjoy Event details, practitioners and talks from AWAKEN  –>


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Soul Enriching Lifestyle Strategist Inez Bracy

Inez BracyRuth Anne Wood interviews Founder of and CEO of Inez Bracy International, LLC . Inez Bracy, Lifestyle Strategist helps clients create new habits that promote overall well-being, a sense of freedom, confidence, earn more money and peace of mind.

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Inez Bracy

Growing up as a sharecropper’s daughter, Inez wondered “is this all there is to life?” At the age of ten she and her family moved off the farm into town…three streets and a post office. While in high school, Inez traveled to the New Jersey Shore to work during the summers. What an eye opening experience that was! She learned that YES there is more to life and that it was available to her.

Graduating high school and college, Inez embraced life with a robustness and joy that ensured her success. She devoured personal development books and trainings…noticing her life change as she learned. She knew she wanted to share this with others; that they can love themselves, be joyful, create a lifestyle of their choice, be confident and feminine.

Inez Bracy is the voice for business and executive women’s mind, body and spirit success. As founder and CEO of Inez Bracy International, LLC, she has created a dynamic enterprise that is devoted to empowering business and executive women around the world.

“I knew I enjoyed helping women, but did not know that I would be a coach…even though everything I ever did lead me to this point”

Inez’ coaching plans emerged while working at a small Florida union. She found herself frustrated at not being able to change and improve things, and her ideas fell on deaf ears. Then, in 2005 Inez made the decision that changed her life forever. “I finally realize that I should be in my own business! I was working in this union and was doing everything from organizing, to professional development, to typing, to courier; to copying …you name it! That was when I realized that I had the skills I needed to do this on my own.”

She quit her job. Without a mentor or coach to guide her, Inez immersed herself in books, seminars and workshops on business development. It didn’t take her long to realize that her business would be easier with a coach. Hiring a coach appealed to her because she knew the value in having an experienced guide who could help her build her business.

Hitting Bottom and Bouncing Back…

While being happy that she was free from her job, this proved to be a difficult time for Inez. She became unsure of who she is, what she was doing and why.

Inez hung in there. The thought of giving up her independence was too painful to bear, and her perseverance today illustrates how to find success if you really want it. “I trusted myself. This was my path. I listened to my heart and knew that this was what I was supposed to do. Soon enough I figured it out, one day at a time.” And that’s when her business started to move in the right direction.

The moment when Inez realized her risks would be rewarded was when other women she met asked her about her business with questions like, “How do you appear so confident? How can you help me be confident? How can you help me fill the empty hole inside?”

Inez’ a-ha moment was to create her first book, titled Rejuvenate Your Life: 21 Days to Feel like a Woman Again. A book to help women begin their journey to self-discovery and self-love.

Enjoy Resources From Inez  –>


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Michael Craig helps us uncover the Logical Soul

Michael Craig, Logical Soul, The Money MatrixFrom reaching his recent charitable fund raising goals of riding 1000 miles on his unicycle in a year with a 100 mile ride on the weekend, to uncovering real transformations in confronting “The Wall” in our conscious and unconscious lives, Ruth Anne Wood of JV ATTRACTION and Live Your Peace interviews Dr. Michael Craig. Stories of following the path to temporary healing as a practitioner to seeking tools that offer lasting results for deep life and soul healing were the big topics of this conversation. Experience a powerful conversation with your inner child that has the power to let in new ideas that could expand your once limited pain and beliefs and hidden blocks around money, relationships and success. Listen to the end for this gem and then go deeper with Michael Craig’s Logical Soul resources!

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Michael Craig


Kalibuwila Hospital, Near Colombo

Sri Lanka. It was a hot summer morning in this tropical south Asian country over twenty years ago that changed forever the way this doctor looked at the world . . . and how the methods revealed to Dr. Michael Craig would BLOW OPEN THE DOORS to our Inner Capacity to transform people’s Lives . . . Forever!

It Was a Normal Day at The Clinic…

Michael Craig was a 35-year old chiropractor enrolled as a working Intern at Medicina Alternativa for the study of Acupuncture and alternative medicines.  Dr. Anton Jayasuriya, a throacic surgeon, and international expert in the field of clinical acupuncture, homeopathy and complementary medicines was the head of the clinic, and taught us daily how to use alternative techniques  on real patients who thronged to the clinic.

Michael was wrapping up his morning routine when a woman approached Craig with her small son – a boy who looked to be around ten years old. The boy was crippled by rickets, a vitamin B deficiency that results in deformity of the legs and other symptoms. Not knowing what to do, but also not wanting to say no to his mother’s plea, Michael told the boy to lie down on the table and intuitively held a few points.  Strangely, the points heated up and started burning my fingers . . . but I was urged from a voice inside to keep holding, despite the struggles and cries from the boy!  He soon fell asleep, exhausted; I continued to hold the points.

Then a Miracle Happened!

Thirty minutes after beginning what turned out to be a very uncomfortable and intense session, the boy woke up, got off the table and walked away with straight legs and no limp! This sight was so unexpected Michael Craig quickly rationalized that maybe his legs were not so crooked before. The worshipful thanks from his mother, however, convinced me that this was no ordinary healing, although Michael was not able to repeat the process . . .

Dr Craig never forgot that incident, and came to appreciate why the ancient name for the island was Serendib, the root of the word Serendipity which was coined by an 18th century English writer and means “the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident.”

Five Years Later

Serendipity entered Michael’s world again in a dramatic way back in the U. S. . . He was working with another patient and ran into subconsious resistance to my coaching.  Somehow, but asking the right questions intuitively, I found myself on the other side of what Michael calls the “Wall” that guards our exposure to change and percieved threats.

This deep, subconscious area – he found out – is also the bastion of “hidden decisions,” or source of inner power and creative intelligence.

By stumbling into – and through – this barrier, Dr Craig found he was suddenly also able to use this explosive power at will. He called this getting-beyond-the-barrier process “ACCESS” and the complete method The Logical Soul(R) process.   “Logical” was chosen because there is a conscious Intent going in to access and resolve a particular set of conflicting decisions.  The “Soul” part comes from Craig’s acknowledgment of this hidden intelligence that is both powerful and unique . . . like a separate being inside with its own agenda – or “prime directives” – that keep us from reaching our goals.

What This Means for You

Are you a coach . . . or want to be?  If so, do you actually transform people’s lives in each session? . . . Or merely hold them accountable if-or-when they do-or-don’t achieve their goals?

A coach  merely says to her clients “I’m only going to work as hard as you do…”  By repeating this common admonition, she is putting the onus on her client’s back to make the breakthrough themselves.  What I’ve found is that this coach – like most coaches – simply don’t have the right tools necessary to help their clients quickly BLAST THROUGH the barriers to their own perceived failure, self-sabotage and procrastination.  Unwittingly, she and other coaches actually do clients a disservice by not giving them the best possible solution for instant breakthroughs!!

What happened to Dr Craig in Sri Lanka that day was extraordinary, but certainly not unique. Quite simply, all miracles involve tapping into that infinite reservoir of energy and intelligence that we all possess, and anyone can do it! The SOUL knows exactly what you need and how to get there. Once you are truly aligned with this energy – and not just making a mood or affirmation about being aligned – nothing can stop you!

The Logical Soul(R) is all about getting Access your own powerful hidden intelligent being EFFORTLESSLY . . . without all the hype, mood-making, affirmations, goal-setting exercises, new age rituals, tapping, reframing, and endless series of workshops.

Become a coach that not only helps people achieve their goals . . . but provides the DAILY MIRACLES needed to blast them to the top!!

If you are NOT a coach, and simply want to transform your OWN life, that’s great!  But Michael Craig must warn you . . . by becoming that shining example yourself you will automatially affect the lives of others in a powerful way!

Check out more of Craig’s amazing free resources:


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Bernie McDonald’s Coast to Coast Walk Across USA

Bernie McDonald, WaRuth Anne Wood and her husband Jason hosted Bernie McDonald on his Coast to Coast walking journey after making arrangements on Bernie stayed one night after walking into town around 5 pm. No rest for the traveled for Bernie was taken to three women’s 60th birthday bash with, lots of hugging, music, poetic roasting, hard to talk over music and dancing at Pebble Hill Church. (The birthday gals had been discussing this night shortly after they met a decade earlier.) Bernie wandered into the minister’s quieter room to return calls he got from friends and family earlier in the day. He doesn’t talk to friends while he’s carrying his sixty pound pack walking with poles because it drains his phone which he needs to navigate.

berndog yoga logo

Bernie, Jason and Ruth bonded over two tables of delicious potluck dishes and a table of local bakery treats with homemade desserts as Ruth’s community of friends since 1987 came over to met the ambitious traveler and shower Bernie with hugs and friendly conversation. OK, after the first unsuspecting woman hugged Bernie in a big welcoming embrace, Ruth put a couple of her girlfriends up to the challenge. 😉

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Bernie McDonald

Bernie McDonald, berndogyoga.comThen the three went back home to Jason and Ruth’s abode for further exchange of ideas. Ruth did a kind of show-and-tell of her published books and 3’x5′ five element oriental medicine inspired wall hangings that she made into stationary in 2000. Then after a long Saturday Bernie left the living room couch to retired upstairs on the comfy futon in the guest/ massage room.

Ruth couldn’t resist recording the conversation Sunday morning between Bernie, Jason and herself over two smoothies; a bright orange one: Carrot, Mango, Apple and Cinnamon smoothie and a bright green one: Spinach, Apple, Banana and Date discussing how Bernie McDonald:

  • Plans his days with paper maps and GPS
  • Meets new people
  • Lines up his lodging for the night
  • Paces himself on physical activities between after he reaches the daily walking destination
  • Helps others where he can
  • Counsels well intended friends and family concerned about his travel status and well being
  • Teaches yoga
  • Practices mindfulness when stepping along the side roads that parallel the highway staying alert to turns before having to double back and expend unnecessary time and physical and emotional energy
  • Realizing quickly he doesn’t need much to be happy and
  • Humbly accepts donations for his teaching and awe inspiring stories of travels around the world.

These have been good ways to put into practice what he teaches in his yoga classes. This is Bernie’s new job that started August 23rd in Portland Maine. His work commute to California by foot is longer than most. From doing website design to working at a bakery Bernie is gratefully aware of his freedom right now to do this.

Follow Bernie’s adventures walking across the United States  –>


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Soul Healing Miracles shared by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha

Ruth Anne Wood and Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha Ruth Anne Wood interviews #1 New York Times Best Selling Author Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha for her JV ATTRACTION and Live Your Peace community as Master Sha’s shares blessings for all souls and humanity in his latest book; Soul Healing Miracles.

Visit daily at 12pm EST for live Soul Healing training with Dr. Sha.

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha



During this heart expanding conversation Master Sha shares Ancient and New Sacred Wisdom, Knowlege, and Practical Techniques for Healing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Bodies.

To demonstrate how easy self-healing can be, Master Sha shares a four-step process to heal symptoms of a common cold, including fever and stuffy nose. He can also discuss:

  • How to be empowered, rather than victimized, when we get sick
  • Why we get sick, and what we can do to prevent illness
  • How to use Master Sha’s techniques to heal others–even pets
  • Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, better known as Master Sha, is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of numerous books, most famously his Soul Power series. He shows how we can use techniques such as chanting, calligraphy, singing, meditating, and specific body positions to unblock energy in our cells and organs to generate self-healing processes in our own body.

    Soul Healing Miracles -Dr. Zhi Gang Sha,Master Sha says we all have the power to heal ourselves. The body heals itself all the time. By learning how to move energy in our body using his techniques, we can facilitate that healing.

    It took many years for Master Sha to learn these healing process, but he is passionate about translating this knowledge into simple, straightforward techniques that anyone can use.

    Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is trained as a doctor of Western medicine in China, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (China and Canada), and a Grandmaster of Eastern arts, including tai chi, qigong, kung fu, feng shui, I Ching, and calligraphy. Master Sha combines the essence of Western medicine with Eastern healing arts and modern spirituality. The founder of the Institute of Soul Mind Body Medicine, he is the author of numerous bestsellers, including his most recent book, Soul Healing Miracles: Ancient and New Sacred Wisdom, Knowledge, and Practical Techniques for Healing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Bodies (Ben Bella, 2013).

    For more resources visit Master Sha at:


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Astral Traveling, Numerolgy & Mediation with Trish LeSage

Trish LeSage With a powerful past life mediation at the end, Ruth Anne Wood of JV ATTRACTION and Live Your Peace interviewed Trish LeSage about the part numerology and astral traveling plays in understanding our past present and future. Trish is an energy healer of The Violet Flame, and she has used Self-Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, and EFT for years.  She is an Author Consultant (She helps authors to plan their book launches and gives them advice on promoting their books.).  She is also a writer of magazine articles on Metaphysics, self-empowerment, spiritual awakening, ascension, and other body-mind-spirit topics, and she is a best selling author on Amazon.  At times, while on Amazon’s best sellers list, her books bypass books written by Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden, Lynn McTaggart, Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes (from the TV show, Ghost Hunters,), and the New York Times best seller, “The Mothman Prophecies”, that was turned into a movie.  Her articles have been published in magazines such as Sedona Journal of Emergence and The Magical Times which are distributed at Barnes & Noble bookstores and at other locations Worldwide.

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Trish LaSage

Trish LaSage has written the following three books which all became instant best sellers on Amazon upon publication:

Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates, And Beyond

Traveling To Parallel Universes

Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, And Business Via Numerology 


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Sharing TED talk: Karen Armstrong: My wish: The Charter for Compassion

By participating in Karen Armstrong’s “The Charter for Compassion” it will help you learn more about your tradition, reclaiming it and making it a source of peace in the world.

For more resources:


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Russ Hovendick Creates an Engaging Mission Through Passion, Team Building and Leadership Training

Russ Hovendick, Directional MotivationRuss Hovendick, Author, Executive Recruiter, Career Coach, and Founder of the Directional Motivation organization shares the secrets to interviewing, career advancement, and success strategies for military veterans transitioning back into the private employment sector.  Russ also shares with JV ATTRACTION the power of having a strong mission that rallies community passion, service and support.

Russ Hovendick, is the author of the Directional Motivation book series, which includes three books, the first “How to get a raise; the correct way to ask for an increase in salary and wages”, the second “How to Interview What employers want to hear in today’s competitive job market” and his most recent release is “Deployment to Employment: A guide for military veterans transitioning to civilian employment”. Russ is a 20 year Executive Recruiter working with Fortune 500 organizations and is also a 25 year Volunteer Chaplain, working within the Prison, Jail, and Juvenile penal facilities of South Dakota.

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Greg Hague Tells Us 52 Way How Father’s Change Lives

Greg HagueGreg Hague is the author of How Fathers Change Lives  a “Chicken Soup” collection of “52 Lessons from Remarkable Dads.” Kids from 4 to 81 reflect back on the best of what they learned from their dads.

Greg is a successful “Superb” Avvo rated attorney who has also founded many successful businesses over the years. These include a 100+ office national real estate franchise, an international referral service, and a land development firm. He is currently a partner with his son, Brian, in Savvy Dad Publishing, and with his son, Corey, in Flexground, the largest playground surfacing company in the Western U.S.

His endeavors have been chronicled in books, magazines and newspapers, including: The Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, MONEY Magazine, National Public Radio, Real Estate Today, Investors Business Daily, The Arizona Republic, The Pat McMahon Show, Harvey Mackay’s Nationally Syndicated Newspaper Column,

BOTTOM LINE Clarity. Creativity. Focus. Intensity. Grit. Do what I say. Outwork everyone. Make it fun.
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JV ATTRACTION – A Joint Venture Community for Authors Mentors Speakers and Coaches is Born!

JV ATTRACTION LOGOlive-your-peace-logo

Ruth Anne Wood head shot

JV ATTRACTION is a new joint venture community created for authors, speakers, mentors and coaches. It combines the best of in depth Live Your Peace interviews and brings theses community leaders together to help grow each other’s business.

Hi, I’m Ruth Anne Wood. Since November 2009 I’ve loved interviewing Authors, Speakers, Mentors and Coaches. I’ve gotten to be mentored by some of the most successful, inspiring community leaders in the span of 25-55 minute interviews and loved every second of it! Some of my guests that appeared on major networks; Oprah, CNN, Fox, New York Times, Fast Company… have asked to be back again!

Meanwhile for over a decade, I’ve helped people write and publish inspirational and autobiographical books through my publishing and personal development company Scripting for Success. I soon discovered to really be of service to my baby boomer, business professionals clients (who want to leave a lasting legacy) I needed to help them create a Signature Coaching Program to quickly position my clients as the BIG problem solver in the hearts and minds of their ideal VIP clients.  So how do you bring together all these amazing publishing, marketing, mindset clients with the fabulous show guests I’ve interviewed?

I had been dreaming of a community for a while that brings together my superstar Live Your Peace guests, my Scripting for Success coaching and publishing services and a way to joint venture with authors, mentors, coaches and speakers. That’s when JV ATTRACTION was born! Why now?

“Top 5 Inspirations and Kick In The Pants for Launching JV ATTRACTION”

  1. Ken McArthur having me back as a panelist and speaker at JV Alert Philadelphia August 2013. I spoke on stage during my 10 minute TED style talk about creating JV ATTRACTION and now I had to do it!
  2. HARO – Help A Reporter Out gave me my start with my first media query that kicked off my interview series in 2009 and more recently on going media opportunities and free publicity by that queries guests for radio interviews, talk show experts, other publicity and podcasts. I chose to model my JV ATTRACTION joint venture queries after HARO
  3. Watching Milana Leshinsky and Rich German use a 28 day Product Launch to introduce JV Insider Circle and follow it close up at JV Alert Philadelphia August 2013.
  4. Deciding I could combine the best of my favorite media and JV sites.
  5. Immersion Technology President a.k.a. my hubby Jason Wood gifting me the set up of after I bought the domain name, designed a logo and created most of the pages.

Now it’s your turn. Are you an author, mentor, coach and speaker that has a product or service you want some joint ventures to help you promote or co-create? Share your JV criteria here. Stay tuned for more Live Your Peace guests that may just your ideal joint venture partner!

Do you want to make friends with the movers and shakers in your industry and build your community by doing a joint venture with them? I though so! This is your JV community. Get involved. Make a difference. Help others. Meet amazing new friends, position yourself as a JV expert by guest blogging for JV ATTRACTION. Topics include; relationship building, tools, resources and insights for authors, speakers, mentors and coaches!

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