Leadership and Development Training Speaker at JV Alert

JV:Alert Philadelphia speaker lineupHi my name is Ruth Anne Wood, host of Live Your Peace interview series and founder of Scripting for Success that offers, profitable writing a book help, public speaking and leadership and development training. When I first became an author I was fed up at how hard it was to sell books and get media attention. Then I discovered how to be of service to the superstars. (They wanted media attention and a venue to tell their story just like me!) Now I love speaking on stage with them including August 2013 at Ken Mc Arthur’s JV Alert Live Philadelphia where I was on the panel and gave a 10 minute TED talk.  Before I had the opportunity to speak on Ken’s stage I had the honor to ask powerful, game changing BIG why questions to some of the most inspiring movers and shaker in the author, coach, leadership trainer arena. Who would you like to recognize or co-author a book or product:

Heart and Soul Cutting Edge Leadership Training with Dov Baron,  Best seller DailyOM Scott Blum, Best Selling Spiritual Author Alan Cohen, Inspiring Entertaining Speaker Patrick Combs, Grammy Award Winning Musician David Darling, Spiritual cinema star Bob Doyle, Renowned Publicity Expert Jill Liblin, Indie Artist and peace advocate Sian Lindemann, best selling playwright and novelist Jonathan Maberry, Coaching Mentor Christian Mickelson, Best Seller Dr. Judith Orloff, $5 million+ The Tapping Solution creator Nicolas Ortner, networking diva Heshie Segal, Millionaire at age 24 Ryan Stewman, “Hip Hop Preacher” Eric D Thomas, Pit bull of Personal Development Larry Winget and 100+ more…

As a writer, coach, speaker you’ve got your work cut out for you to connect with and serve this amazing community. Here’s how you get started… Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy.

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