Do people care? Jessie Marushak from HealthLink Medical Center says YES!

I had the pleasure of talking to Jessie Marushak the event coordinator of this community leader. ¬†HealthLink Medical Center’s mission is to address the primary medical and dental healthcare needs of working, uninsured adults who meet our eligibility requirements. It is dedicated to providing all patient services in a thorough, cost-effective, and respectful manner, and is committed to continual re-evaluation and improvement of its care-delivery practice.

Live Your Peace interview
Jessie Marusha

Mission StatementVision Statement
HealthLink Medical Center is a nonprofit organization in which patients, as well as all other members of the healthcare team, including medical professionals, visitors, volunteers, staff, and all other contributors, are valued and respected; in which cultural and individual differences are celebrated and enjoyed; and where all individuals are encouraged to learn and participate as partners in healthcare delivery. Primarily a volunteer organization, it maintains the highest standards of quality services to its patients. We value the inherent dignity, worth, rights, and responsibilities of each patient, volunteer, and staff member. Each service provider is called upon to always do his or her best, is held accountable for his or her actions, and is celebrated as the greatest asset we have with which to address patient needs.


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