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Most people earn a dollar and then designate it to do just one thing … pay bills, save for retirement, go on vacation, pay for college, etc. Then—poof—it’s out of your hands, and you have to make more for the next expense. But what if each dollar accomplished more than one thing at the same time? It could earn you more money. We talk to Denise Chaney of Recycle Your Income about how money could return to your pocket to be used again. You would truly be in control of your own finances.  Recycle Your Income shows you how to take one dollar to pay an expense, save for retirement, get tax advantages, all while creating a source of money that can be used for multiple generations.

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Denise Chaney

After 25+ years in the financial services industry from Wall Street to her own Financial Planning practices, Denise Chaney recognized that the way we were being taught to work hard, invest money for retirement and buy a house was actually robbing us of our financial future. She had also drunk the Kool-Aid in her own financial life and it was a life threatening illness that woke her up to the realities that she talks to you about in our audio interview. (Download the entire interview here and be sure to visit:

We discuss the four things robbing us are:
1)  Lose of principal,
2) Access to our money
3) The tax man
4) Inflation

What makes Denise unique is that she has branded her most successful strategy that avoids all four of these wealth killers into Recycle Your Income.  Clients that work with her do not need to find additional money to “invest” because Denise teaches them how to build wealth without affecting their lifestyle (saving more) or using their accumulated investments (what they already have invested).  It comes, instead, from money that they are unknowingly and unnecessarily transferring out of our wealth circle when they buy cars, houses, use credit cards, fund their retirement, and about 20 other places.

In addition to private consultations on how to Recycle Your Income, she offers hands on workshops that include taking a Fresh Look at the Psychology of Wealth – How to Identify and Revise the Mental Money Associations that are Shaping Your Financial Destiny. There is also a part 1 and part 2 for putting your money spending and investing plans into place. Be sure to get you unique situation evaluated with Denise and discover what strategy works best for you to make the most of your income, savings and spending needs.

For more resources visit with Denise Chaney.

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