Clearing Energy with Rev Vincent Salvatore Michael Scioli

Are fully you living your peace? Rev. Vincent Salvatore Michael Scioli has the ability to to help people become free of blocked inner and out energies and forces that constrict your joy, freedom, health and well being. Vincent’s Service includes: Kundalini Raising, Cord Cutting, Entity Removal, Elemental Purification, Chakra Strengthening, Polarization of Energy, Reintroduction to your Inner Child, Aura Clearing, and Healing, in whatever ways they present to him, though generally in that order.

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Rev. Nazaright

“I Am a Shadow Worker. I Bring it All. Baptism and Exorcism. I help people get Clear and Rise up, and Expand towards God Realization. Most Just want a band aid to Feel Good about, but I Encourage them to Embrace their Full Nature and take up their Divine Will. Light is Wonderful, but it’s acquisition is not Balanced if it is only to hide from the Dark. The Witness Is Beyond the Resolution of Mercy and Severity. The Christ Child, Crowned and Conquering, Is Beyond the Sum of the Mother Father, the Eternal Androgyne. My Light Is Full Spectrum, more than mere reflection, Original and Prime, Encompassing All. This is what I Remind my clients of In themselves. Great Blessings of Grace to you All.” – Rev. Nazaright

Rev. Nazaright invites you to “Contact me, with a brief description of what ails you, and any questions you have. Please send a clear photo of yourself now, and if possible one from your early childhood as well. And make sure you inform me of any spiritual practices, or other treatments, you are involved with: Email Vincent.

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4 Responses to Clearing Energy with Rev Vincent Salvatore Michael Scioli

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  2. Thank You For This Wonderful Experience! This Was My First Interview And You Were Fantastic With Me! Your Questions And Comments Were Right On, And The Style With Which You Conduct Your Show Is Very Much In The Flow! There Were Other Things I Thought I Wanted To Cover, But Then I Was Reminded That The Gory Details Of The Story, And The Advanced Techniques Of My Practice, Do Not Need To Be Heard As Much As The Foundation Truths Which We Covered So Well In This Wonderful Conversation! I Felt Like I Got A Free Therapy Session! Thank You Again! Great Loving Blessings Of Abundant Grace To You And Yours Beautiful Sister! – Rev. Nazaright

    • ruthanne says:

      Rev Nazaright, you are a great guest with a powerful story and insights to share. May you have many more wonderful interviews to help as many people as you can with your powerful work! <3Ruth

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