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Casey Jones wrote All Fall Down comic as a response to the death of a friend’s sister. (The book is dedicated to her.) Having shared in an experience of such potent loss, Casey wrote his story in a medium where such things traditionally *don’t* happen: Superheroes come back from the dead. They regain their lost powers. This isn’t so with ‘All Fall Down’.

In the course of writing the comic, Casey was surprised and encouraged by how many people took a shine to the idea– of superheroes dealing with tragedy as ordinary people. That support made the book possible. He’s begun brainstorming on his next comic book miniseries; something lighter this time. He swears.

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Casey Jones

Casey Jones was born and raised in Maryland, but moved to New York to find a publisher for his book, ‘All Fall Down’. With the help of some extraordinarily talented folks (and a successful Kickstarter project), that book became a reality.

A comic that explores what happens to superheroes and supervillains who lose their powers. Unlike other titles where death and the loss of powers is almost always temporary, the characters in ‘All Fall Down’ have lost theirs forever.

It’s also a coming-of-age story for 13 year old Sophie Mitchell, who now has every superpower known to man. She can’t turn them off, or ever give them back.

Synopsis: A story about superheroes and supervillains who lose their powers forever– in the first pages of chapter one. Friend Casey on facebook and be sure to pre-order your copy of All Fall Down.

Casey’s story is a testament to the power of attracting a team of awe inspiring contributors to help birth your dream come true project.

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