How Public Speaking Can Propel You Forward!

When I look around and see people struggling in any aspect of business and worried about the trajectory things are taking I want to help that change. Even if the trajectory isn’t bad, maybe you want to do more and get to that next level. It’s time to make more of an impact, reach more people and attract more clients.

Yesterday when I was walking down the street past our local independent theater I heard a woman say, “I can’t wait till we have a new president because work is really slow.” My eyes met with this guy I didn’t know walking down the street near me and we both rolled our eyes and smirked at the lady’s victim mentality.

To help you be powerful, proactive and get that change going, I am excited to be hosting a call with my colleague John Rasiej called Powerhouse Profits through Public Speaking. The call is October 31 at 12:00pm EDT and there will be encore presentations if that time isn’t convenient. (I hired John a year ago and now I’m jet setting from San Diego to Atlanta to present on stage next to some of the most respected leaders in marketing and product creation. I also am blessed to have him be one of my experts who presented live at my Live Your Peace event at the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival this September on the same stage as some of my favorite legendary authors at the Philadelphia Free Library.) 🙂

The best part – there’s no charge for the call, your time is a big enough investment! Listen in from wherever you are by phone or on your computer. It’s just that easy!

Grab your spot right now! To many times we’re hearing lately, “It’s hard to get clients and make money in this market!” But if you have an important message and the right strategies in place, it’s the same as it’s always been – people spend money when they see something (and someone) they need and want!

You may have heard from people like Suzanne Evans and David Neagle that public speaking is the hands-down fastest way to attract more clients, generate a flow of valuable leads, close a ton of sales, and explode your business growth when you know what to say so people will buy from you.

You often see amazing results when people at the level of a David or Suzanne take the stage. But effective speaking works big-time for people at any phase of a business and any type of business. John has stories of clients who didn’t already have a big reputation and following, such as one who ended up with a full client load of 18 people from giving two speeches after having struggled to attract people in other ways. John’s own business took off after a speech on the More Life Tour where 35 people signed up to work with him. And there are plenty of other results.

But many business people and entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to speaking their business because they don’t know what to say, how to say it or where to say it. And they don’t know how to close for the business when they do speak. Too many people get up there and don’t make the most of the opportunity. Many people think since they know how to talk that it automatically means they are a good speaker… but we’ve all sat through speeches that made us yawn at least a little. We need to do more for our audiences, claim our star power and command the stage.

Does this sound familiar? It happens to a lot of people, people who could be having so much more impact, so much more success.

So what can you hear on the call? Ways to…
• become a client magnet and attract clients who love you.
• gather warm leads and build your database fast.
• craft a persuasive signature talk that sells.
• speak with confidence and gain instant credibility.
• command the stage like a Broadway Star!
• identify the hot, hot leads in the audience, those who want to buy now!
• captivate your audience with stories and testimonials.
• become a superstar in your industry and the go-to person.
• use public speaking as a marketing strategy to make more money!!!!

Isn’t it TIME NOW, more than ever, for you to have breakthrough results in the freedom, power and effectiveness of your speaking, presence and communication?

How YOU show up is your message and have your most authentic self connected with those who listen is VITAL to your success, ESPECIALLY in today’s times.

Let your message shine, the time is NOW to make a bigger difference in people’s lives. Reserve your spot now, click here to sign up and improve your communications. It’s completely complimentary and you never need to leave the comforts of your home. Incredible, right?

It’s time for CHANGE! I promise, you are going to love it!

Go here to register and get all the details.




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