Christa M. Tinari Peace Praxis Practitioner Empowers Youth

Christa M. Tinari is the creator of Peace Praxis, educational consulting and training that engages, empowers and transforms youth in healthy ways, supporting diversity, awareness and understanding. Working collaboratively with community colleges, diversity coalitions, and peace and justice organizations, she has organized ‘Stop the Hate’ vigils, Community Interfaith Dialogues and educational forums. Ms. Tinari holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in International Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, with a concentration in Education. She has completed graduate level study in Student Assistance Counseling and Educational Leadership.

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Christa M. Tinari

‘Building Bridges to Peace’, a new program for middle school students, focuses on their personal and communal responsibility to foster peace and practice non-violent conflict resolution.  The program has been an immediate success due mainly to the efforts of Christa Tinari. Christa trained the staff, modeled peacemaking and team building activities with students, and is always on call for support and continuing consultation and training. We truly value her expertise and creativity in developing relevant programming for youth. ~ Richard Byrnes, former Principal and Coordinator of Building Bridges to Peace, The Shrine of St. Joseph, Stirling, NJ

Ms. Tinari has provided training to thousands of educators, counselors, and administrators, in public, private, religious, charter and alternative schools in NY, NJ and PA.  She has served special needs students, including “at-risk” and adjudicated teens, from diverse communities.   Christa Tinari brought expert knowledge and practical approaches that improved our Social and Emotional Learning program at Mastery Charter Schools.  Her strong yet sensitive leadership style facilitated collaboration between levels of staff, and she was accessible to all types of learners and personalities.  I enthusiastically recommend Christa Tinari as an exceptionally gifted trainer, educator and coach, with the skills, experience and resources to meet the needs of any organization striving to implement SEL programs and culture. ~ Ali Caccavella, Assistant Director for Social and Emotional Learning, Mastery Charter School  Conferences at which Ms. Tinari has presented include: the International Association of University President’s Triennial; the NJ Antibullying Conference; the Annual ASCD conference; the International Summit on Conflict Resolution Education; the Center for Safe Schools Annual Conference; the National Conference of the Association of Conflict Resolution; and the Special Education Conference and the Diversity Conference of The Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22.

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