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Det Ansinn, business owner of BrickSimple, LLC, Doylestown Borough Council President, National Convention Pledged Delegate, PA 8th CD for Barack Obama, and proud family man dispells myths about technology, the economics of living in a community centered town and following trends in business, economics and technology.

Ruth Anne Wood interviews Detlev Ansinn

Det Ansinn, President and Founder
Detlev Ansinn (“Det”) has been writing software for more than 30 years with almost 20 years applying his expertise as a serial entrepreneur. Det founded BrickSimple in 2002 to create a software development company with a focus and commitment to innovation. Under Det’s leadership, BrickSimple has built a reputation for being able to execute the most sophisticated web-based and mobile applications. Both in 2008 and 2011, BrickSimple enjoyed exits and sales of two unique internally developed products/technologies.

In addition to founding BrickSimple, Det has held several corporate C-level executive positions. This experience includes Chief Information Officer of New York-based Solomon-Page Group, Chief Gaming Officer for an entertainment software firm, and Chief Architect at Cross Current. Across these roles, Det has applied his skills to restructure, grow, and re-engineer organizations.

Det is an active member of the Southeastern Pennsylvania community. During the past year, Det was invited twice to the White House as an advocate for small business and keeping information technology jobs in the United States. On business and technology issues, Det is a regular conference speaker with a reputation for a high energy speaking style.

Knowing that community extends beyond business, Det also serves as President of Doylestown Borough Council (elected), a member of the Bucks County Open Space Review Board, and is past Board President of the Bucks County Free Library System.

Det has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University.

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