Joshua Duncan guides us to an Inner Journey In Peru

Back a month from Peru after living in simple spiritual practice, daily living and practice in the Peruvian Amazon for half a year Joshua Duncan shares the profound connectedness he felt with his environment, studying with a shaman and the bold lessons when he returned home to his family of origin in Pennsylvania.

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Joshua Duncan  

Joshua offers practical solutions to problems of life, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Seeing the source of all issues stemming from the physical, he guides and offers treatments to address this deepest level.  He beleives the physical body is the fullest expression of the individual – here and now – by treating the physical or offering practical solutions, each individual experiences real tangible changes.  Learning how to live a harmonious and healthy lifestyle prevents future problems.
His life and mission is to help people solve the problems of their lives, find inner happiness, and live their fullest ever expanding potential.  He works with plants and all natural modalities of wholistic health – understanding synergy of body, heart, mind, and soul.
He has trained with shaman, buddhist monks, and raja yogis, and lives what he teaches and how he helps others.  He applies a great depth of experience and study in order to appreciate the living wisdom of true inner peace, harmony, and balanced health.
Joshua’s blog of his experiences is a gateway into his inner journey.  Each entry serves as a portal into a single moment of an ever unfolding process.
This is not a story of seeking anything – but an exploration of how to more fully embody the truth he has discovered inside, and deepen his living experience of this truth.
You are invited to share in the reflections and sincere investigation of life.  May the transparency illuminate your own journey, & quicken your process of self discovery and exploration.

Josh is leading groups to Peru in the next couple months. Check out the dates and the itinerary at:

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