Lady Morgana invites us to experience greater love through sanctuary, yoga and healing community

Lady Morgana, owner of healing community yoga center has had the joy of studying with many yoga teachers & Shaman from all over the world. As a poised student she learned to treat the WHOLE body, mind & spirit. She has been practicing Yoga & Meditation since age 9 starting with Transcendental Meditation then Mantra Chanting and Pathworking. Her official yoga studies began in 1983 in New York where she learned the detailed science of B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga then moved on to Power Yoga and the vigorous Astanga Flow Series with Shiva Rea. She later was privileged to study with Premshakti who is one of the co-founders of the Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts.  Morgana now uses Yoga Therapy in her studio, utilizing various movement styles and breathing techniques to assist in the connection between mind and body. Therapy is implemented based on YOUR personal needs and capabilities.

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Lady Morgana

Now is the time to step in a greater connection with our emotions and self love as the planet goes through big changes. Lady Morgana use the following:

Modalities: Acupressure, Chi (Energy) Healings, Body Re-Hab (pre and post surgery), Tui Na Massage, Yoga Therapy, Nutritional Coaching, Private Yoga & Pilates, Juicing and Detoxification Coaching, Deep Tissue & Sports Massage, Crano Sacral.

One of the most profound healing experiences for Morgana was studying with Dr. Geo Love a OMD, Acupuncturist & Qi-Gong Master learning the art of Tui Na Massage, Chi Healing, Acupressure & Qi-Gong. Later she continued her massage studies learning over a dozen styles including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu & Crano Sacral.

As a Certified Pilates instructor, Morgana has rehabilitated numerous people before and after surgeries and in some cases eliminated the need for surgery all together. The movements specified per client are designed to strengthen weaker areas of an individual body. Acupressure and stretching are done throughout the Pilates session to assist the body in soreness and stiffness.

Morgana is also involved with an ongoing wellness education as a nutritionist focusing on herbal remedies, healing foods and vitamin supplementation. Food is medicine! As a nutritional consultant Morgana is able to determine overall health through a comprehensive evaluation of your food, vitamins, sleep schedule, exercise and supplements. Consultations help give you a better awareness of what YOUR body is in need of and teaches balanced lifestyle practices.

Yoga, meditation, nutritional diet, body work & energy therapy has helped Morgana overcome three life threatening illnesses. Through her own healing she has made a commitment to help others find balance and support for their own well-being. Sanctuary was founded on the principle of Self-Managed Evolution. Our practitioners have the ability to transform your body, spirit and mind in eccentric sessions combining movement, multiple massage therapies and healing modalities. Here at SanKtuary we work as a TEAM to support YOUR journey.

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