Bobby Jo Valentine music shoots straight to the heart

Bobby Jo Valentine is an award-winning singer/songwriter currently residing and touring around the coast of CA. His new album, ‘A Place to Belong’ released to favorable reviews and his single “Be Mine” had radio airplay even before the album’s release. His warm, accessible melodies and often-profound lyrics have developed a following around the nation. In August of 2011, a song from the album, “Fly” won Song of the Year at West Coast Songwriter’s Association.

Ruth Anne Wood interviews Bobby Jo Valentine

Bobby is comfortable on stage in front of large crowds, having played at locations like Hard Rock Cafe, The Fillmore Poster Room, and Pride festivals, but his favorite performances are the intimate theaters and house concerts that enable him a strong connection to the audience. Bursting with energy at times and filled with uplifting, honest messages about hope and life’s struggles, Bobby continues to gather new listeners with every show. “Armed with just a guitar and ukulele, Bobby aims straight for the heart.” –Bruce Kaplan, Folk Unlimited


  • Winner of several awards, including 2011 Songwriter of the Year by West Coast Songwriter’s Association
  • Appearances on Radio Stations like KGO, KSVY, and KRSH
  • Appearances on TV shows like ABC’s Morning Shows and NBC’s Outlook Video.

Quotes: “Witty lyrics and catchy melodies…the nicest guy ever to pick up an acoustic guitar!” –LA Weekly

“5 out of 5 stars. Bobby Jo writes with a sweetness and honesty seldom heard in acoustic pop music.” –Brian Lucey, mastering engineer for The Black Keys

“It’s really lovely.” Judah Dadone, Freelance Whales

Bobby Jo Valentine is currently touring the West Coast and farther, developing a strong, loyal following with warm, inviting melodies and lyrics filled with depth and hope. “Armed with just a ukulele and a guitar, Bobby Jo Valentine shoots straight to the heart.” –Bruce Kaplin, Pt. Richmond Acoustic Series

For information about house concerts, booking, and more music, find Bobby at


Facebook: /bobbyjov

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