Clean Sharp and Handsome George Bruno Advocates Effective Communication

George Bruno is an author, commercial model and actor, and has been speaking in the private and public sectors for 25 years. He also teaches acting and peak vocal skills for actors through The Actor’s Studio acting and modeling school in Washington, D.C. He enjoys writing, cooking, motorcycles, scooters, facilitating an entrepreneurs group, and of course…taking his three children fishing. His upcoming books are Speak Well, Earn More and The Ghosts of Perkasie.

Ruth Anne Wood interviews George Bruno

George Bruno is a single father of three children. He holds undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice and Pastoral Studies. His Masters degree is in Education from West Chester University. He has taught in four colleges, ran a Psychiatric Clinic, and was a Hospital Administrator. He currently is involved in entrepreneurial ventures.

He has been speaking in the private and public sectors for 25 years, which is his true love. He has been a guest and host on various talk radio programs in New York and Pennsylvania. In the early 80’s, he traveled on a drama team for three years performing in churches, prisons, and schools. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, he performed as an improv comedian in comedy clubs, café’s and fund raising shows in cities on the East Coast, including the renown Bonkers Comedy Club and the Chestnut Street Cabaret in Philadelphia.

When not working, he enjoys writing, cooking, facilitating a entrepreneurs group, and of course…fishing. As the first in his family to go to college his father always told him to have a trade and skill. This has served George well cutting hair for locals, actors, commercial talent and spokes models. His blog has some of the most entertaining videos and stories including various styles of head massages at the barber shop! Sign me up except for the close shave. I’m good in that department!

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