Rebekah Higgins, a Creative Shaman Journey

Rebekah Higgins is a visionary artist, a professor of art and design, a mythologist, a consultant, following an eclectic spiritual calling including a shamanic medicine path, a traveler and entrepreneur, an interfaith minister. a healer and coach, an expert on influence, hypnosis and cultic studies and a volunteer.

Live Your Peace interview
Rebekah Higgins

Rebekah Higgins is a visionary artist who uses art and eclectic shamanism as tools for personal, spiritual and social healing and transformation. Her work can be as poignant and deep as it is whimsical. She works with our divinity and our humanity, spirit and flesh with equal devotion. Her prolific range of works are made cohesive by her strong intentional palettes and the visible evidence of drawing. Her personal explorations into the nature of consciousness have led to understanding the deeper responsibilities that come with increased sensitivity to connectedness. She likes to make work that starts a conversation that can continue without her and then go make another one. Some people now call that a social object. She still calls it art.

Rebekah is the youngest of eight children born of Scottish immigrants. She is a first generation American, being the first in her family to be born in the states. Born of an engineer father and an artist mother she is equal parts analysis, intuition and conflict.

She has always been an artist, teacher and healer.

She makes large-scale limited edition prints of hand drawn type, imaginative realities and various types of hand held sized ACEO’s (artists’ cards, editions and originals). She is a professor of art and design and provides services in energy and shamanic healing and coaching, consulting and public speaking on the topic of any of it. Her favorite place to be is where these areas come together to party.

She completed her formal studies at Pratt Institute, has taught as several Philadelphia art schools and is currently a full-time professor.

Shelter Babies and Former Street Kids™

Welcome to the collectable trading card series created by the visionary artist, Rebekah Higgins. In addition to making the large-scale imaginative works and typographic editions she is known for, Rebekah is also an animal lover and a keen supporter of rescue work. She has now turned her attention towards making these personal and affordable editions based on the sketchbooks of the animals she met in shelters or sanctuaries accessible for everyone.

The scale of the works and the sensitivity of her connection with the animals brings out to the public her private representational life studies which present a distinctly different flavor than her other shown works. It could be likened to the difference between reading a novel and reading a diary.

Abandoned, abused, neglected, some have very sad histories, but now they are happy, well fed and loved because of no-kill animal rescue groups and the kind people who support them. The first 18 cards are based on life drawings and gestures that capture the unique personality and beautiful nature of each animal. Color, texture and markings were added to enhance the character of each, but the intent was to keep the relaxed feel of the original drawings and provide variation in the degree of “refinement” throughout the series. Process and directness is everything here, there are a few different mediums used and nothing is overworked. Bleed throughs, scribbles and notes can sometimes be seen and this is intentional. Future cards will also include works based on hand painted photographic collage and screen techniques.

Additional images can be seen in the facebook album.

Check out Rebekaha’s resources at:

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  1. Thanks so much Ruth! It was super fun talking to you. I just wanted to add something to the financial aspect of our talk that I forgot to mention…I wanted to let people know that while I am figuring out how to sell my work differently and the relationship of work to money, there was a time when I made HUGE amounts of money off of my work and walked away from it because I became disillusioned with marketing and how my work was being used. I continued working, but not selling until the day when I knew I wanted to bring it out into the world again and sell in a different way and better place of integrity. Artists can make a living:)

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