Follow the Heart Code on a Bohemian Adventure with Laura Matson Hahn

Follow The Heart Code on a Bohemian Adventure with author Laura Matson Hahn. Go on a journey back to Connecticut in the 1930’s where 17 year old Celeste Howe is at the age when her mother wants her to find a mate. Celeste temporally escapes the clutches of her mother’s will as she embarks on an adventure with her father’s mother Gamma Howe  back to the old country of Prague Czechoslovakia. Explore some of the repeating patterns of early last century relived in today’s culture and ask yourself, “Am I following my heart code?”

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Laura Matson Hahn

Laura Matson Hahn
“WHO ARE YOU? AND WHAT DO YOU EAT?” is a tag line from one of Laura’s husband’s favorite jokes – about a Wide Mouth Frog exploring the world and learning about his fellow beings.

It’s a curiously entertaining joke as he demonstrates how the WIDE MOUTH FROG speaks, stretching his lips and jaw and contorting his face hysterically.  Adults and children love it – as one creature after another answers who they are and what they eat to which the frog replies: ”That’s nice” and hops away.  The effect is complete when the frog finally meets the snake who eats: (you guessed it) Wide Mouth Frogs.  Then Laura’s husband sucks in his stretched lips to a tiny round circle and barely emits a quiet “Oh shit.”

Laura shares that story because she feels very much like the Wide Mouth Frog.  She has been forever curious about life and my fellow beings, possessing the same boldness. Hopping up to pretty much anyone and anything to check him, her or it out.  Laura’s always been this way.  Her mother told her that as soon as she could speak, Laura’s favorite phrase was “What Dat, Mom?”  And Laura remembers shocking her at ten years of age when Laura ordered mussels from a menu.

“Have you ever had mussels?” Laura’s mother asked.  “No,” Laura answered.  “That’s why I ordered them.”  The approving and admiring glance mother gave Laura still throws Laura’s shoulders back today.

So Laura’s hopped along, tripping now and again on my own enthusiasm, as she built competence and confidence in what she now knows is the code in her heart, leading her along her own unique path in a life that is just right for Laura.

Where has it taken her? Around the world, literally and figuratively.  Each step beyond Laura’s parent’s door was her choice alone, and while at times Laura worried where they would lead “(I didn’t want to be poor or stupid or a victim), I instinctively kept my ear attuned to my heart’s inclination; listening for that quiet yes from within and knowing when something was or wasn’t right for me.

But now I’m putting it all on the line — the collective wisdom, garnered from everyone and everything I’ve met – like the Wide Mouth Frog – sharing what I most believe to be true while hoping I don’t run across any snake who wants to eat me anytime soon.”

For those who want a bit more meat on Laura’s background, here’s the low down:

BA and Masters Degree in Communications

Pioneer in Cable Television Industry – (won an ACE Award.)

Business Communications Producer & Writer

CHANGE COMMUNICATIONS Strategists for many industries

Freelance Writer for business, newspapers and lifestyle magazines.

Teacher of Creative Writing and Oral Interpretation of Literature

Lover of life, dogs, good food, great conversation and exercising my creative muscles in every aspect of living

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