Barbara K Folts’ 7 Steps to Control the Evolution of Your Soul

Barbara K Folts wears two hats! Her experience as a licensed psychologist, in practice for over 25 years, provides a solid background for working with clients. As a past life therapist, her expertise substantiates the need for healing symptoms and the benefit of doing so in the context of reincarnation. Her clients respond to one or both of these approaches well and find the healing potential satisfying. 

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Barbara K Folts


Barbara K. Folts is the author of Hidden Treasures of Past Lives. It helps people discover how past lives may be challenging your health, relationships and income in your current life.

What are the  Seven Steps to Control the Evolution of Your Soul?

STEP ONE: Discover what Reincarnation is

STEP TWO:  Learn how Past Life Legacies affect your current life

STEP THREE: Identify Symptoms that hinder your life now

STEP FOUR:  Investigate Action Steps that will uncover your Past Lives

STEP FIVE: Choose from a Menu of Techniques to transform and heal past life legacies

STEP SIX: Use the Techniques to clear the Past Life Legacies

STEP SEVEN:  Manage the symptoms and Lead a Fulfilling Life now

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Reincarnation has at its very core the understanding that one repetitively incarnates into a variety of life situations. This raises the question about how the choice is made. Who makes it? Why is it made?

Many experts, including Brian Weiss and Michael Newton, have inquired about this process from patients while under hypnosis. I, myself, have explored this question through a focus on past life legacies, their place in how and why one chooses a particular lifetime.

Basically, the purpose for reincarnating is to provide opportunities for soul growth and development. Thus, each incarnation is chosen with this purpose in mind. In one lifetime, we might be rich, and in another poor. Both important perspectives to experience.

Who makes the choice? My understanding is that in the final analysis, it is for the individual soul’s to decide. However, the soul is not left without the insight and guidance of highly evolved guides. They have a greater awareness of what would be helpful and whether the reincarnating soul has the strength to undertake the challenge.

I believe that some of the tragedies we see originate in a soul’s overriding the guides’ suggestions. As a result of ignoring their advice, the soul itself may suffer in a lifetime or create difficulties for the souls who come in contact with it. Keep in mind, the purpose of reincarnation is not to plunk a soul into a lifetime in which it has no hope of success. Rather the intention is to mature by increments. This may explain why we see people mess up their lives and the lives of others.

How one soul’s choice interacts with the other souls with whom it is going to incarnate is such a complex process that a mere mortal can only begin to understand. Each soul has reasons for incarnating with the other souls; they in turn have their own reasons. As I work with clients from the viewpoint of past life legacies, I can see only some of the overall schema. However, I am humbled by the myriad of goals that somehow need the option of occurring.

If you have ever seen the movie, “Bruce Almighty”, in which Jim Carrey decides he wants to play God and gets totally entangled in trying to satisfy everyone’s needs, you get a sense of the enormous complexity of the system.

Through this understanding, we can heal the past life legacies and thus lead a more fulfilling life now and prepare for a different kind of challenge in a future lifetime. I would suggest that it is prudent to learn the lessons we can now, so that we don’t have to repeat the same ones next time.

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