Day 3 – One Peace at a Time

“One Peace at a Time” –It’s your event!



Rebekah Higgins, a Creative Shaman Journey

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Stumped? Listen to some of our best selling authors, award winning artists and community artists revelations.

Internationally traveling Oneness Blessing Musician Angelika, Bucks Country Artist and Healer Ute Arnold, New York author Jessie Barth, Doylestown nutritionist and spiritual mentor Susie Beiler, Bucks County Rev Wendy Bell, Best seller Scott Blum, EFT specialist Pamela Bruner, World-class musician Deb Chamberlin, Spiritual Humorist and Reverend in training Janelle Chambers, Best Selling Spiritual Author Alan Cohen, Inspiring Entertaining Speaker Patrick Combs, Writing Shirpa Melinda Copp, Hayhouse British Best SellerJude Currivan, Grammy Award Winning Musician David Darling, Champion for Woman Entrepreneurs and SLM founder Susan Daywitt, Spiritual Inspiration Susan Delorenzo, Romance After 50 author Carol Denker, Happiness, Performance, Motivational Speaker Jim Donovan, Talk to Me Like I’m Someone You Love expert Nancy Dreyfus PhD, New Thought Artist and Musician Karen Drucker, Traveling Shaman Joshua Duncan, Award Winning Bead ArtistWendy Ellsworth, Amazing Woman’s Day Marsh Engle, 7 Steps of the Soul’s Evolution Barbara K Folts, Teacher in Consciousness Kayla Finlay, Twiligh Wish Founder Cassy Forkin, Team of Angels Trisha Gallagher, PR Godess and animal avocet Jennifer Geronimo, Business Vision Launcher Karen Graves, Life Coach for Women Paula Gregorowicz, The Heart Code author Laura Matson Hahn, Artist Adventurer Nanette Hartwell, Artist and Peace Corp Veteran Karen Hoffman, Jazz and R&B legends raised musician Reverend Dyana Jean, NJ PBS and Emmy award winning documentary film maker Bill Jersey, Southwest Artist Paula Jones, Department of Peace AdvocateNatalie Joy Kaye, British/ American Berievent and former WWDB radio hostDr. Rev. Yvonne Kaye, Spiritual Musician Jody Kessler, Man of Forgiveness Azim Khamisa, Author and Spouce of Nobel Award winner in PhysicsAnita Laughlin, Sunshine Sister Molly Leese Nece, Emotional Freedom Technique Global Summit founder Lori Leyden, Renowned Publicity Expert Jill Liblin, Akashic Record reader Cherie Lyon, One Red Paperclip guy Kyle MacDonald, Philly Artist and Scholarship Winning Charter School teacherBonnie MacAllister, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bryant McGill, Richard Mc Laughlin, Success Author Carrol McHenry, Decoding habits of best sellers Jonathan Maberry, Treasure Inside Moviemaker Joel Metzger, Millionaire Clients for Coaches Christian Mickelson, Self Love through Community, Yoga and Meditation Lady Morgana, Genius Squared Eiji Morishita, Kid’s Music Educator Peter Moses, Wellness Educator Lynne Okaily, Intuitive Teacher & Best SellerDr. Judith Orloff, Medical Physicist Dr. Tom Padikal, NY ProducerJonathan Pillot, Inner Contessa Luisa Rasiej, Speak Louder than Words,John Rasiej, Make Your Healing Matter Dawn Richerson, Paris Middle East Conflict Resolution Expert Frank Romano, World-class figure skater blind since birth Stash Serafin, Spiritual Pilgram Rochelle Shakti, “Destiny 5″ reality show creator Michael Shoeman, ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED’ co-founder Dane Short, Peace Center Director Barbara Simmons on Gandhi, Lansdale, PA Reverend Glenda Smith, Millionaire at age 24 Ryan Stewman, Sunshine Sister Molly Sunshine on self esteem, “Hip Hop Preacher” Eric D Thomas, Inner Peace, Resolution and Transformational author Betsey Otter Thompson, UN musical performer Jackie Tice, Comedian Medium Carole Tollen, You Are What You Love Vaishali, Designer and Humanitarian Eric Venuto, Reverend Mike Wanner, Bliss Mistress and PR Goddess Rev. Edie Weinstein, Spiritual film producer Michael Wiese, Holisitc Doctor Mark Wiley, Pitbull of Peronal Development Larry Winget, “One Peace at a Time” Philly Fringe Producer and show host Ruth Anne Wood, the Deep Sea Diver of Information Technology Jason Wood, Truck Driving Mama Annabella Wood, Grammy Nominated Spiritual Performer David Young and more…


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