Celebrate World Peace Vision Statement

Vision Statement for Celebrate World Peace

Inquiry by Kim Muniz and Ruth Anne Wood

Composed and Read Vision Statement by Ruth Anne Wood

Celebrate World Peace is lead by the hand of spiritual guidance, healers, musicians, artists, teachers and community leaders. It is known with every fiber of our being “I am called to be an Ambassador for Peace”. We are intuitive people who easily and collectively bring together over a million peacemakers, sharing our light. We collaborate in harmony through the medium of; art, music, movement, communication, community service and touch. As Ambassadors we center ourselves in stillness and draw from the quiet energy that comes from within. Through our work, inner and outer peace is elevated. In motion, as Ambassadors for Celebrate World Peace life is given to the dreams and aspirations born inside each of us to create and to give.

Celebrate World Peace founder Sian Lindemann easily and joyfully births out ambassadors, who are changing the atmosphere in the world. As entities sharing our inner light, we are consciously and generously tap in and tuned on. Synchronicities and connections abound as we embrace the Celebrate World Peace vision statement. We are a global room of self-starters, all connected. We can easily recognize each other by our laughter and simultaneous song.  We are drawn to each other through our clarity and peace, celebration and purpose. We are an intuitive group indeed who naturally radiates from East, West, North and South.

As Ambassadors for Celebrate World Peace, we are Evangelists and Spokes People with the focus on Spirit, Life and Light in the world through simplicity and sharing individual Light. Our mission is realized daily by staying true to our inner guidance, creativity, inner joy and health. We are committed to helping each other gift our light within. This multiplies our ability to support others, embrace freedom and remember the vast connections of humanity and network of light between all of us. Conscious Creatives, “We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.” As powerful ambassadors of Peace we have been given the understanding that words are powerful. We are committed to tuning into to our inner compass for Celebrate World Peace. We consciously choose to speak it into existence with love, honor, reverence, awe, joy, wisdom, trust and acceptance for ourselves and Spirit guided path.

Daily Commitment

Ambassadors for Celebrate World Peace: Revisit goals daily. Reaffirm your vast connection with others. Script, consciously declare and claim your desired success. Engage your multiple senses. Follow your heart and life’s simplicities. Cultivate the vast support and resources of your growing Celebrate World Peace family. Lay out your plan, goals and experiences from your compass of inner and outer peace. Stay committed to the over all sequence, asking yourself, “What is my next step?” Call upon patience, openness, flow and self-loving strength. Know the happiness you feel, comes from sharing your light and aligning with blessings, gifts, aspirations, connections, higher power and dreams from within.


On Tuesday April 17, 2012, founder Sian Lindemann invited two of her personally trained Fowler Wainwright International Certified Professional Coaches to collaborate on the task of creating a vision statement for Celebrate World Peace. On Monday April 30th the stars aligned and Washington state Kim Muniz and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ruth Anne Wood began their in depth, two hour heart opening inquiry of “What is the Vision Statement for Celebrate World Peace?”  Talking on the phone for the first time, the two women laughed and shared deep personal visions of peace and their purpose and path on the planet starting from the earliest memories when they “knew” what they are called today to be, Ambassadors for Peace. On May 16th just before Couch Surfing with her husband, Jason in Portugal, France and Spain for ten days Ruth Anne Wood compiled the response to their interview into a Celebrate World Peace vision statement.

For over two hours, Ruth sang the words, wrote them in past tense as if they already happened and then fully stepped into the present tense moment. Thanks to the virtual guidance of her friend Jesse Barth reading her alphabet creation story B, A CAPITAL TALE she words on the page began to sing with the fullness of their declaration for Celebrate World Peace. After Sian read our vision statement for Celebrate World Peace she mused, “You wouldn’t believe it that I played Oscar and Hammerstein exclusively as a kid learning how to play the clarinet.” 🙂

Ruth is the Founder of Scripting for Success and is one of the more clearly catalytic muses I’ve ever encountered.

She is also Founder of LIVE Your Peace….and if you are persuasive Kim …. she might very well do an interview for your new launch WHO AM I ?

Kim Muniz…. Founder of Connect the Dots Inc

has spent four days with me in New Mexico and of all the ambassadors on board Faculty positions with the Institute are assured for you both !!!! Kim has written for me the very very best Vision Statement I’ve ever seen written in all of the classes courses and trainings I’ve taught or participated in…..HIGH accolades.” -Sian

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2 Responses to Celebrate World Peace Vision Statement

  1. Kim Muniz says:

    I love the way that you composed our creative conversation. Beautiful. I look forward to collaborating with you in the near future. It’s amazing you were on my mind heavily yesterday….I logged on and there you were….

  2. AWESOME Vision Statement!!

    Thank you Sian for your vision, your energy and for Celebrate World Peace!!
    Love you!

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