Kimberly Stever demonstrates the economic benefits of how to think global and acting local

Kim Stever is one of those woman that has figured out how to be of service to the community as a professional problem solver. Her outdoor, world traveling adventures is compelling enough. Going deeper she co-founded a B2B consulting firm specializing in economic development that provides marketing and communication solutions to overcome challenges or obstacles to companies, destinations and organizations striving for growth and sustainability. Her company of Eastwick Marketing accomplishes this by understanding their business, resources, audience and opportunities. Her company hit the ground running in the 1990’s serving the Olympic committee. She and her team use the same passion and expertise bringing more support to local agriculture, food co-ops and tourism which mkes up a big part of Pennsylvania’s economy and Economic Development. Kim demonstrates a direct connection between thinking local with organic farming and open space and the health and prosperity of her community.

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Kim Stever

Kimberly Stever, Director of Solutions built her reputation for strategic and creative marketing working for some of the largest corporations in the world. Her first client was WorldTravel Partners (a subsidiary of BCD Holdings), a market leader in the travel industry and sponsor of the 1996 Olympic Games. Kim’s position as “Director of Olympic Marketing” provided an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained from her years with multiple Destination Marketing Organizations and Anheuser-Busch Theme Parks. Working with destinations, tour operators, hoteliers and corporations is second nature to her.

Stever extended her expertise by becoming involved in broader economic development opportunities as acting Chief Marketing Officer of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, gaining an understanding of the relationship between governments and businesses.

Becoming Main Street Manager-certified through the National Historic Trust, she was trained in the Main Street Four-Point-Approach, incorporating her marketing expertise into resolving the challenges facing managers and municipalities. Kim continues to be active in various forms of economic development including tourism, downtown development, arts & culture, conservation, agriculture and special projects.

Kim has developed a reputation for combining creative and strategic thinking with practical tactics to move her clients forward to success.

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