Caine’s Arcade is the Essence of Live Your Peace

Caine's Arcade on vimeoNirvan and Caine's ArcadeOne 9 year old kid named Caine builds a cardboard arcade to play and make friends. No one comes and plays. Then one day someone does. Nirvan stops by Caine’s dad’s shop to buy a rare car door nob and suddenly takes an interest in Caine’s inventive cardboard arcade. What comes next changes this kid and film maker’s lives.

Nirvan Mullick uses the power of social media to invite LA to come play. Through an organized flash mob posted on Hidden LA, posted on and other sites. Soon this creates a global movement. You got to watch this inspiring story!

Now Caine and Nirvan go around the world speaking about imagination, entrepreneurship, fun passes, their international contest for kids…

Nirvan Mullick

Film+maker. Director, Caine’s Arcade. Founder, Imagination Foundation. Partner, Interconnected. Proud owner of a funpass.

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Jason’s story of his first business starting more traditional arcade in his parents back porch his last year in high school doing his first joint venture with an arcade company who split the profits 50/50. That year you should have seen how clean the neighborhood was with all the kids doing odd jobs so they’s have coin for Jason’s Arcade. Now Jason applies those same joint venture, relationship building skills to his successful multi-millionaire ventures.

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