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One of the creators of Teen CEO is Nadine Lajoie, a championship motorcycle racer, an international motivational speaker, a best-seller author, a coach, a musician and singer, a real estate investor, and a finance expert who is dedicated to help others reach the life of their dreams with balance and passion!

Ruth Anne Wood interviews Nadine Lajoie


Are you a teen looking to start your own business? Want a “Jumpstart” to success? Are you going to be the FIRST to win, Teen CEO Show? TeenCEOshow.com

Teen CEO TV Reality Show is a multi-faceted, family-oriented entertainment reality TV show. “We want to create more successful entrepreneurs, which is the future now, with many interactive opportunities, tasks and challenges, along with all kinds of business lessons from high quality mentors”, said Mike Jones, the creator of the TV show. A training group will also support all teenagers after the casting, even those who are not chosen for the TV show. This is a WIN-WIN opportunity for those who need direction in life!

Her Mission: Create a motivating and inspiring product portfolio utilizing motorcycle racing as a powerful and energetic medium to provide positive and uplifting inspiration for people struggling to find their way in the race of life.

Her Vision: Being a worldwide role model by speaking, racing & singing around the world to motivate and inspire millions of entrepreneurs and women from 15-55, in all walks of life. We want to create a franchise to build confidence and create passion within themselves to reach their goals and dreams.


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