Sheri Barnes – MAMA KNOWS FITNESS: Bells, Balance & Your Body

Sheri Barnes has a lifetime of experience staying physically fit. An avid dancer and exercise enthusiast, Sheri has incorporated a healthy lifestyle into her daily living since she was a child.

Sheri Barne’s passion for keeping physically fit and toned led her to become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer in 2008. Since then she has been training and advising colleagues, friends and clients to use proper form to avoid injury and achieve their fitness goals.

Sheri Barnes, CPT, CKI, CHWC

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Crossfit Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Certified Health & Wellness Coach

In 2010 Sheri started training with Kettlebells as a way to obtain a fast, multi-muscle workout that incorporates strength and cardio. She then obtained her Kettlebell Instructor Certification and has been educating people about the benefits of Kettlebells.

“It’s the most incredible workout within a very short period of time. When you can’t get to the gym, when you can’t afford a gym, or if you want to supplement your workout, Kettlebells are the best, most effective workout out there.”

Currently, Sheri is pursuing her Health & Wellness Coaching Certification in order to help people begin/maintain a healthy lifestyle from a holistic perspective.

Sheri has 2 grown children, lives with her partner, Peter, and has a Master’s Degree in Advertising/Design.

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Sheri Barnes

Endorsed by the American Council on Exercise



“The growing problem of obesity highlights the importance of finding effective ways to help people live healthier lives. Mama Knows Fitness: Bells, Balance & Your Body provides a practical approach to discovering the benefits of improv ed health and wellness through Kettlebell training.

Whether you’re a college freshman or a baby boomer, Sheri Barnes offers sound strategies to help you implement this tried and true method of exercise into your own schedule in as few as 30 minutes per day. Additionally, Sheri’s wealth of knowledge and experience in fitness is apparent in her writing as she coaches the reader through overcoming obstacles to exercise, creating healthy habits, eating to fuel workouts, and performing several Kettlebell routines. This book is a motivating, instructional guide for anyone wanting to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle and getting the most out of their time spent exercising. I recommend this book as a valuable addition to your health and fitness library.”

–Scott Goudeseune President/CEO American Council on Exercise

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