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To put this award winning author, playwright, educator, poet, charter school teacher, world traveler into a labeled box would be a nearly impossible task. Bonnie MacAllister continues raise funds and awareness with every exhibit, Woman’s Caucaus event, trip abraod, poetry stam, travel adventure and teaching opportunity she has. Listen to how she works with her students in a NPR featured charter school for foster kids and her recent trip to Eithiopia and upcoming trip to France through her work as a teacher. Comments on what you can offer her new inner city charter school or ways to get involved in the Woman’s Caucause or Bonnie’s upcoming events are greatly encouraged.

Live Your Peace interviews Bonnie MacAllister


Bonnie MacAllister attempts to render moments through a variety of media.   Often pieces are multi-genre, fusing painting, photography, book arts, slide installations, spoken word, video, and performance. She is a 2009 Fulbright-Hays awardee to Ethiopia, a 2007 Pushcart Prize Nominee and five time slam poetry champion in the United States and France.  Her international publication credits include Black Robert Journal, Paper Tiger Media, Dead Drunk Dublin and Other Imaginal Spaces, and nth Position.  Bonnie has recently exhibited at the Utopian Library in Viareggio, Italy and in la Galería del MEC, Montevideo, Uruguay.

She is an active member of the Philadelphia and DC chapters of the Women’s Caucus for Art through whom she has exhibited in United Nations sponsored shows, partnered with Rubia to create a collaborative project quilt with Afghan women that toured the United States, and shown work in such venues as the Philip Ratner Museum, Tacoma Park Municipal Building, Wilmington’s Louis L. Redding City/County Building, International House, Holy Family University, High Wire Gallery, Penn State, and the Plastic Club.  Though group and solo exhibitions, she actively fundraises for Girls Gotta Run Foundation which sponsors Ethiopian girls’ running teams, one of which she met in Ethiopia.

Bonnie began her career as a production assistant at the Philadelphia Museum of Art where she worked on in house films on exhibitions and for the education department.  She received her B.A. in English-French-Women’s Studies 1999 from Albright College and her M.Ed. with dual certification in English and French from Temple University in 2008.  She studied under Jacques Derrida, Agnes Varda, and Helene Cixous at the Universite de Paris Sorbonne and Centre des Etudes Feminines from 1997-98.  She teaches French and British Literature at the new Arise Academy Charter High School for foster children in Center City.  She is the webmaster for the Fulbright-Hays Ethiopia outreach website which offers teacher resources on Ethiopia.

For more of Bonnie’s resources visit: Bonnie MacAllister. Bonnie also created Certain Circuits which features a number of amazing artists in Philly and all over the world.

Bonnie MacAllister

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