Annabella Wood Grants 82 Woman’s Truck Driving Dream

Annabella Wood, Truck Driving Mama “Truck Driving Mama”, a singer song writer is coming out of truck driving retirement to help grant an unusual wish from Margaret, a Twilight Wish recipient who is 82. (Twilight Wish is a 501c3 charity that honors seniors 67 years or older and makes dreams come true.) It has been a dream of Margaret’s to ride in the cab of an 18 wheeler for decades and now Annabella Wood who recently wrote a song called “Truck Driving Mama” is noting the divine providence and string of miracles that are making this cross country truck adventure a dream come true. The ladies were scheduled to travel across United States in August 2010 making media and interesting stops along the way with Annabella Wood’s Pomeranian dog. Instead this adventure took place in June 2011 and covered by AARP’s media crew who has over 40 million viewers for their TV and print audience. Sponsors are still invited to donate to for this coast to coast $10,000 trip with expenses that included 17 states and paying for a truck’s registration, gas,  fuel, hotels, meals, massage, fun, dog chow, lodging.

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Annabella Wood a year before her Twilight Wish Truck Driving Adventure with 82 senior Margarete

They previously had an owner of a big rig for sale offer to generously loan it for this once in a life time adventure. (He also loaned it for Annabella Wood’s musical video “Truck Driving Mama”.  Yet over a year went by to gather the necessary donations and they ended up renting a Pensky truck. ALL sponsors $600 and more were proudly featured on the sides of the truck. AARP documented the adventure along with other other media with their celebrity stops along the way combined with Annabella’s CD release party. Sponsors came through including host families for the energized travelers, truck fuel companies, truck driving schools, truck and pet friendly hotels, massage therapists, retirement communities, media endorsements, summer camps, family run businesses, you name it we’ll consider it… To help sponsor wishes like this awe inspiring one, tax deductible donations can made. Contact or call 1-877-TWF-WISH. Thanks!!<3

In order to meet expenses, $10,000 needs to be raised. Contributions can be made by going to If you send payment to the address: P.O. Box 1042 Doylestown, PA 18901, all the money goes to the truck trip, rather than if donations are made via Paypal, since then a fee is levied.


If you want to make a large donation of $1000 or more, then your name or the name of your company will be on trailer, which will be all gussied up. AARP is doing a media blitz and will be filming some of it.


To learn more about Annabella and watch the coverage of Truck Drivin’ Mama and her adventures go to her website

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  1. It was neat to see the AARP coverage of Annabella and Margarete’s Truck Driving adventure! Click on link for video.

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