Susan Daywitt Experiences Peace Through Business

Live Your Peace talks with Susan Daywitt founder and CEO of SLM a nationwide waste management facility. We learn how Susan’s passion for sales, helping the environment and teaching woman around the world makes all the difference. We also explore how her approach to daily health, goal setting, accountability and service is making an impact on her employees, coaching clients and global community. Susan shares her work with the Woman’s Business Forum and Peace Through Business an organization which is transforming women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and Rwanda. Learn how Susan is leading her team to a 100 million dollar company!

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Susan Daywitt 

We take great pride and thoughtful care in fulfilling our customers’ needs. This is the key to our success.”

Susan Daywitt, Founder of SLM WasteSusan Daywitt founded SLM in 1998 and her unique approach to facility maintenance management, has saved SLM clients millions of dollars annually. Susan prides herself in organization and efficiency and will do whatever it takes to make it right for the clients she serves. She also finds time to be active in organizations such as Restaurant Facility Managers Associations, where she sits on the Board of Directors, Women’s Presidents Organization, International Facilities Managers Association and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and Peace Through Business. Daywitt has a love of mentoring women entrepreneurs nationally and internationally, does a huge amount of community volunteering and, above all, she devotes her free time to her husband of 25 years and family.

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Peace Through Business

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