Francesco Da Vinci, a notable photo journalist, film producer and conscientious objector

Francesco Da Vinci is a prominent photo journalist, peace activist and the author and documentary film maker of I REFUSE TO KILL: The War On War. It’s a true ‘60s story about peace activism that stirred the American conscience.  During the conversation Live Your Peace host, Ruth Anne Wood talks with Francesco Da Vinci about his choice to be a conscientious objector and his thoughts about our military serving at home and abroad. How did this man who grew up in a wealthy family end up fighting for his beliefs to not kill in battle with the threat of being locked up in jail for up to five years? The conversation takes a fascinating turn as Frank talks about his photo shoots and documentaries on celebrities, astronauts and other notable people and why he named his now 12 year old son Neil. Francesco brings the peace conversations and the key components of being an engaged, dedicated global citizen in modern times as he gives us powerful wisdom and insights from a man who takes life standing up by helping to provide the best world for himself and others. “I REFUSE TO KILL” features such notables as…

Ruth Anne Wood interviews
Francesco Da Vinci

I REFUSE TO KILL: The War On War is a romantic-drama about Frank’s coming of age in the turbulent ‘60s. From a wealthy family, he reluctantly became a prominent activist and faced several years in prison for his anti-war beliefs. Inspired by Gandhi and Dr. King, Frank formed a peace group that became a national movement. In the end, Frank had to choose between giving up his stand as a conscientious objector, or lose the love of his life. Beyond the personal story, the documentary will pay tribute to nonviolent activists around the world. “ Written by a young activist on the front lines of the peace movement, Francesco Da Vinci’s compelling personal story sheds new light on the Sixties.”     -Sen. Eugene McCarthy

Francesco remembers what it was like getting started in Hollywood in the film and journalism business. If you are interested in internship opportunities with Frank and his team in San Diego CA contact

“I Refuse to Kill” features such notables as:

Mayor Bob Filner – San Diego –speaks on the ‘60s civil rights and peace movement


*Academy Award-winner Richard Dreyfuss, tells how he broke the news to his parents that he was going to become a conscientious objector

*Bobby Kennedy –  Bobby climbs up onto the roof of a car and spontaneously addresses the crowd outside the 1964 National Democratic Convention in Atlantic City; filmed by Frank

*Astronaut John Glenn – Interviewed by Frank at the Air & Space Museum (2012)

*Frank at Arlington National Cemetery – Frank relives how he spent his college graduation day in 1968 at Bobby Kennedy’s funeral.

*Sen. Eugene McCarthy – Frank interviews the Senator at McCarthy’s home in Virginia.

*Sen. Eugene McCarthy – Frank introduces the Senator at Borders Bookstore in

New York City.

*Author Joseph Heller (“Catch-22”) – Francesco interviews Heller at his home on Long Island.  Heller talks about being in a peace march with a critic he hated.

*Ray Manzarek (“The Doors”) – Manzarek talks about the meaning of the‘60s with Francesco .

*Pete Seeger – Seeger speaks to Francesco on war, and performs anti-war songs.

*Anita Cole – A military intelligence officer who became a conscientious objector during the Persian Gulf War.  Anita talks about the process of being trained to kill.

*Peter Yarrow (“Peter, Paul & Mary”) – At-home interview. Francesco talks with Peter on conscientious objection.

*Forest Whitaker – Francesco interviews Forest on war, peace, & conscientious objection.

*Ralph Capri – Francesco interviews his brother about the draft and the war.  Ralph

avoided the draft with a fake deferment.

*Charlie Khoury – Francesco’s 9th and final draft attorney 1970-1971.  Frank and Charlie have a 30-year-reunion and reminisce about Frank’s CO case.  Charlie admits that often he wanted to “strangle” Frank for not being more practical.

The Amnesty International President speaks on the international harassment of COs.

*Muhammad Ali, who lost the world heavy-weight boxing title for being a CO.

*Wall Street Occupation – Oct. 8th, 2011.   (NY City)

*Sen. George McGovern – Talks with Francesco about the Vietnam War, and about conscience.

*CBS National News – Coverage of Francesco’s peace group, Nonviolent Action (1971).

*ABC National News – Coverage of Francesco Da Vinci’s peace group, Nonviolent Action (1971).

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar speaks on personal peace and world peace through nonviolence (March, 2013)

*The Dalai Lama. Francesco filmed the Dalai Lamafor two daysat the Peace Summit in New Jersey (May-2011).

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