Day 2 – One Peace at a Time – Let’s get this party started

“One Peace at a Time” –It’s your event!


Please fill out a survey on your ideal show experience.

You find yourself in a fancy room dimly lit. There is a guest list with names crossed out and new ones are added. You hear a lot of chatter. “This sounds brilliant. Can’t wait to learn more…

Attendees are in their best evening gowns and fancy suits. There is a hopeful, light fragrance that lingers. One woman smiles, “Online I can do!” Her friend nods, “I bet there are lots of artists looking at this,” says an artist with sensibility.

A spoon bangs on fine crystal as the hostess quiets the buzzing room. I want to thankeveryone who arrived here to support the arts and interview series we prepared for you with some local treasures and esteemed colleagues. We have some of the finest artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, experts and community leaders contributing to this conversation on Peace, Passion and Prosperity and they’ll be filming more from attendees at the Philadelphia Central Parkway Library. Unfortunately we don’t have enough time to share all their adventures, discoveries and secrets to success. Please filled out a survey on who you would enjoy the most and what you want out of this event. Oh and tell us what lovely parting gifts you fancy.

After stepping outside, a man leans nearby. “One of theses Live Your Peace guests makes $25K from every 90 minute keynote and that doesn’t include travel expenses and 100% profits from products sold. I bet you can’t guess who!” “Yea, you only have to do 100 of these to clear a cool 2.5 million,” the captive listener replies. “It’s nice work if you can get it!” says the lady in turquoise as she holds up phone to her new friends and tweets #LYPFringe. “What will you give me if I’m the first to guess?” you say. “An MP3 of the interview.” a mobile app developer immediately holds up his iphone with the prize inside. Then he takes your photo playfully as you grin your poshest smile.

You get the drift that one of the past times of the evening is to show off your style and elegance and post it on the event page.

“I was so moved by what these women are doing in Africa.” You lean in as the guy beside you says, “Which one? Award winning bead artist Wendy Ellsworth or Lori Leyden for her EFT Global summit who work with abused orphans?” “Both!” you pipe in, “And of course song writer Deb Chamberlin with her drama camp for Middle East teens of warring countries.”

“…You’re saying the producer is gifting any donation to these organizations that come in today and giving away Live Your Peace MP3 interviews to donors made for any amount?”

“Well, you get special perks as a sponsor with your community service story sent out with every donation to Live Your Peace.”

“That’s sweet. I can’t believe the producer doesn’t charge the listeners and guests anything. It’s a in depth archive of some pretty remarkable people.”

“She has some perks, being invited to speak on stage with some heavy hitters and mentor organizational leaders with the vision of someone who knows how to build grass root communities to build brand loyalty and ownership.”

“Imagine if an organization like BP had an interview series like this for their contractors, employees and loyal customers. What a legacy they would create and I bet you this tux they would have held onto their shirts during the media bliz and low consumer moral” Glasses clink.

Taking out your credit card. “Count me in,” you perk up!


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