Project Forgive started with a tragedy and two families Shawn Duperon loves

shawne Duperon, Project Forgive 6-Time EMMY® winning Media Coach and “Project Forgive” Founder Shawne Duperon, touched me deeply with her film and training at Unleash Your Hidden Influence: Harness Your Marketing To Catapult Growth. Project Forgive is a powerful inquiry on forgiveness inspired by a family tragedy of drunk driver killing Shawne’s dear friends a husband and wife and their two kids. Soon it was revealed the drunk driver was also one of Shawne’s dear friends.

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The film will focus on authentic stories that dive into the emotionally mature conversation of forgiveness, to cause a global shift in consciousness. The project is a deep inquiry that question:

  • What does it really mean to forgive?
  • Why can some forgive easily, while others struggle?
  • What happens to us physiologically, spiritually and emotionally when we forgive? What happens when we don’t?
  • How does anger play a role in release in forgiveness?
  • How does forgiveness impact issues we face daily, such as collaboration and acceptance in politics, religion and internal conversations, that cause breakthroughs we haven’t individually or collectively experienced yet?

The request has been made for your videos and messages on forgiveness. The hope is to use them in the film and Project Forgive website and project.


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  1. Great article and thanks for shining the light on the healing power of forgiveness. It’s such a powerful process!

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