We ask Dane Short “What symbol spells out LOVE IS ALL U NEED and more?”

Dane Short is the CEO of Meridane Design. It’s is a family owned business that was created when Sally Short serendipitously superimposed each letter of the phrase ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED’ on top of one another and then added a peace sign to complete the design.

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Dane Short

Meridane Design Family Story

The design was sent off to be cast in sterling silver as a ‘Love and Peace’ pendant for Sally to wear.

But something happened when the Short family received it; they saw it sitting sideways and noticed a ‘K’ popping out. “There is no ‘K’ in the phrase LOVE IS ALL U NEED,” commented Merida.

That motivated the family to look for other letters and they ended up uncovering EVERY LETTER of the ALPHABET and EVERY NUMBER within the symbol!

Meridane Design was created by Sally when she combined her two kid’s names together,Merida and Dane. The Short family established a Mission Statement to ‘Spread Love and Empowerment’ through the HIDDEN MEANING Symbol.

Given that the symbol contains every letter of the alphabet, it can mean ANYTHING to ANYBODY at ANYTIME. It gives people the ability to create their own personal message, HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT.

HIDDEN MEANING Symbol™ is a thought provoking conversation piece which can lift anyone’s spirit, in the best or worst of times. It can also evolve with the person who is wearing it, as it can contain a different message each day.

“We had no idea that this symbol would become so powerful to so many people,” said Dane Short, CEO of his family’s business. “We sell the symbol to men and women ages 9 to 90! It’s a unisex, multilingual, interactive piece of jewelry with infinite possibilities.”

This Symbol allows people to ‘S-P-E-L-L’ out what they want it to say, the combinations are endless!

Nobody is right,
Nobody is wrong,
Find the lyrics,
To your song,
Or spot your word,
Declare the theme,
One common Love,
But many the dream.

Enjoy the freedom to be creative and find your own personal message HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT.

“This symbol is a sign of the times,” commented Sally. “Everybody on this earth is united but unique. The consistent appearance of the symbol unites us all, and the messages we see within it make us unique.”

HIDDEN MEANING Symbol™ has, and always will be cast in the USA. A portion of Meridane’s casting is done at Annie’s Orphans in support of their No-Kill Dog Shelter, located in Durango Colorado.

P.S. To top it off, it is Multilingual!


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